referring to the particularly WITLESS human, with no discernable spine nor character.
The guy felt like a dink after his girlfriend took care of everything.
by Danny Durden August 15, 2021
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A more polite/less vulgar way of referring to a man's penis, often still used as an insult ; a dick.
"Damn it, Trevor! Why you gotta be such a dink all the time?! "

"Oh GAWD! A mosquito just bit my dink!"
by Deadendseyed July 19, 2018
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Verb: Aussie slang for towing a friend on your bicycle, either on pegs or on the front handlebars.
"Oi Barry, give us a dink mate will ya?"

"Had to bloody dink Sharron down to the milkbar"
by Mr_Ed January 24, 2014
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To Dink - Verb

To fool around
Doing something with no purpose
I dinked around with friends for hours last night.
by Swastyboyz December 23, 2010
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Did you dink her last night? (Giver) -or- I certainly would like to get dinked tonight. (Receiver)
by Newfie blogger April 5, 2016
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To fire a round from any conventional firearm and strike the victim in the head. Originally used to describe the distinctive sound of a headshot within the Counter-Strike series of games, though is also used by (mainly CS) players within the context of other FPS (first person shooter) titles.
Nerd 1: "How the fuck did I dink him twice with the m4 and do 92 damage?"
Nerd 2: "Do you even dink?"
by dr_habib June 30, 2014
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