referring to the particularly WITLESS human, with no discernable spine nor character.
The guy felt like a dink after his girlfriend took care of everything.
by Danny Durden August 15, 2021
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A more polite/less vulgar way of referring to a man's penis, often still used as an insult ; a dick.
"Damn it, Trevor! Why you gotta be such a dink all the time?! "

"Oh GAWD! A mosquito just bit my dink!"
by Deadendseyed July 19, 2018
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Verb: Aussie slang for towing a friend on your bicycle, either on pegs or on the front handlebars.
"Oi Barry, give us a dink mate will ya?"

"Had to bloody dink Sharron down to the milkbar"
by Mr_Ed January 24, 2014
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Did you dink her last night? (Giver) -or- I certainly would like to get dinked tonight. (Receiver)
by Newfie blogger April 5, 2016
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To Dink - Verb

To fool around
Doing something with no purpose
I dinked around with friends for hours last night.
by Swastyboyz December 23, 2010
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1) noun. A penis; a phallus; the male sexual organ. Used informally, often talking with children, more slangy than clinical, implying familiarity with less vulgarity than "cock." A more dignified reference than "pecker" or "dick."

2) verb. To engage in coitus as a male; a slangy term meaning to copulate; not nearly as crude as "fuck" but with an equivalent indication; to screw; to inseminate, to shag.

3) verb. To pursue a non-serious activity; to fritter time away unproductively.
1a) Slow down, boy, don't get your dink in a knot!
1b) My ignorant parents snipped my dink when I was born. DAMN!
1c) The locker room boys surreptitiously gauged each others' dinks as they showered nonchallantly.
1d) I swear, my dink has a mind of its own, and wants to rage at the most inconvenient times.

2a) Hey, are you gonna dink me or not? Other customers are waiting.
2b) It took me until Christmas, but I finally dinked every girl in my homeroom. No trophy, but a lot of fun.
2c) Man, what a mean looking dink rash... you ain't dinking anybody with those sores.
2d) Lonely? Believe it! I've been dinking my sock since she moved out on me.

3a) Yeah, come on over... we'll dink around until the game starts on the TV.
3b) This computer program is junk, and I'm tired of dinking with it.
3c) I told the salesman I didn't appreciate his trying to dink me.
3d) Sadly, I dinked for two years in liberal arts until I transferred into business courses.
by Fatlips February 15, 2020
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