Ditzy means basically acting really dumb and innocent. Not really knowing what is going on.

Many people say it to like 'ditzy blonde' cuz blondes are ditzy

Or an easier way of putting all this into two words are "Jessica Simpson"
Wow, that blonde is so fuckin ditzy!
Jessica Simpson is the real definition of dizty blonde!
by Jennifer May 15, 2004
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slightly out of it, and don't know what is going on
oh sorry, i'm a little ditzy todday.

you're being so ditzy today!
by lanna April 13, 2004
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ditzy is basically what i am, its when you act innocent and dumb at the same time, being ditzy makes people think your really stupid and because of this they sometimes talk to you like you're a five year old as they think you wont understand if they say something in "grown up terms" (which in my case is probably true)

sometimes being ditzy is good because you can get away with things :)
Awwww she doesnt understand, probably because shes so ditzy....

or gosh, katie, stop being such a ditz!!
by kitty February 28, 2004
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A typically confused and slow individual. Common characteristics include a complete lack of common sense, and to an extent innocence that is brought about by the fact that they have only the vaguest idea of what is happening! Usually an attribute found on females and especially blondes.
Kumar says: I've had some ditzy pussy in my time! I've never laughed so hard! Those girl give me jokes!
by Fireplaya Warren June 19, 2005
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A person who is ditzy is a person who uses the words "Sooooo" and "Ohhhhh" on an extreme frequency. Also, ditzy people usually talk quickly to mask their own shyness and to speak their mind as quickly as possible, and they are usually brainless.
That ditzy girl could fast talk her way out of an arrest! Then again, she's dumber than a rock.
by Calvin Leung April 22, 2005
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This word "Ditzy" is often used as a way to negetivley called a blonde haired women (typically blonde haired) stupid or not in tune with the world
That hot chick at the bar is so Ditzy

There was this one girl in my science class last year who was as ditzy as a blonde

Simply Jessica Simpson
by Jer-Hey!!! December 19, 2008
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