Someone who is only after sex and money. They have no interest in an actual deep relationship with their partner. They find someone else and move on.
"I hate hoes. Leah definitely isn't a hoe for Levi Ackerman.
by leahasf May 9, 2021
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The mother of a student who throws paper at a teacher.
Student: * throws paper at teacher*

Teacher: I said whoever threw that paper, your moms a Hoe.
by OJjuiceman March 5, 2018
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It's a farming tool and thats all you need to know.
Person 1: Do you know what a hoe is?

Person 2: It's a farming tool

Person 1: Ummmmm Actually...

Person 2: SHUT UP!
by TTV.MrSAVAGEllamaHUMAN September 22, 2019
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Hoes are like tue end slices of bread. Everybody touches them but nobody wants them.
by PutterBeanut June 15, 2021
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Who sleeps with a lot of guys that girl is a Hoe.
Gajodhar's ex is a Hoe.
by Memenhimaymay April 19, 2019
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