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Like the first piece of bread from a loaf...everyone touches it but no one wants it.
1. Yo! She is a real hoe.
by Mr_NastyN8 January 25, 2017
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1. Slang for; a woman. Rap Music
2. A woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money.
3. A woman with very low standards regarding who they "sleep with" {i.e. coitus}. A woman of any age, having more boyfriends than girlfriends may be seen as one. These women have little desire to be in a long-term relationship and will stop at nothing to have sex, anywhere, anytime, with almost anyone, including their "friend's" boyfriends, their "friend's'" father's, most married men AND frequently married women.
Plural; hoes
Synonyms; whore, slut, prostitute, floozy, woman of the street, working girl, tart, harlot.
"Yo! Where mah hoes at? G's up! Hoes down muthafucka!"
"When Bob gets off his flight from DC take him down Central, show him what a REAL hoe looks like."
"THAT BITCH! I'LL KILL HER!! That nasty hoe slept with my uncle, my boyfriend AND my friend's little brother! I fucking HATE my mom!!!
by Urbalite February 07, 2019
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A bitch who does it with everyone😘
Ex: Andie Sharpe
Dat hoe Andie is busy giving her 3rd blow job today. it's 10:00 am.
by Yobabydaddy June 11, 2015
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A trashbag who thinks who thinks having sex with only one person means one person at a time. Has sex with multiple people and thinks it's ok to do that. Can be male or female.
Person 1: "Why do you have ten forms of herpes?"
Person 2: "I thought monogamous meant one at a time..."
Person 1: "You're a massive hoe."
by chFree77 August 05, 2018
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Someone who lets any old color pencil into their sharpener.
Sharkeshia: I heard Antwan's bitch fucked his bestfriend, Lebron

Dolkeshia: What a HOE!
by bishes_gone_be_bishes July 09, 2015
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A girl who goes after every guy,says sluty things,doesn't care about anyone but her self and boys,and wears clothes to try to make her look like she has a butt.
Suzan-"Did you see that girl flirting with that whole table of boy and wearing tight see through leggings?"
Savannah-"oh my gosh that's Rachael she is such a hoe."
by Justin22222 January 05, 2017
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