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A term used to describe when someone goes to online forums to hype up cities or towns in an attempt to increase the value of their real estate investment properties.
This is fucking insane. The moderator banned me from the message board for schadegging. I don't even own any damn properties! Son of a bitch is clueless.
by affluent geoffrey June 26, 2019

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Unsophisticated people of a low socioeconomic status that don't eat lobster rolls for dinner at least twice a week.
Son: I'm hungry.
Mother: Do you want hot dogs or ramen noodles?
Son: Can we have lobster rolls?
Mother: No, lobster is too expensive.
Son: But all my friends...
Mother: I don't give a fuck what your friends eat you ungrateful little bastard.
Son: But mom...
Mother: There will be no lobster rolls in this house. Ever.
Son: You bitch!
Mother: Go to your room.
Son: Sorry mom. Can we get a Subaru?
Mother: This family does not drive a Subaru or eat lobster rolls.
Son: Why?
Mother: Because we are proudly among the unwashed masses. We are trash.
Son: Ok.
Mother: Don't forget you have therapy tomorrow at 3:30.
by affluent geoffrey July 21, 2019

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To ejaculate. Typically done in a disrespectful manner.
"Jimmy said he picked up a $20 blowjob whore in Oakland last night and juked in her mouth."
by affluent geoffrey July 22, 2019

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A wealthy older woman that provides a monetary allowance in exchange for eating her rancid twat.
"Holly asked me if she can be my Sour Patch Momma. She said she'd give me $500 a week and buy me a Popeye's Chicken Sandwich. I'm gonna do it!"
by affluent geoffrey September 16, 2019

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Daughter of musician Lionel Richie. She is a model and hot AF.
Sophia Richie is hotter than any of the Kardashians.
by affluent geoffrey October 07, 2019

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A section of Boston, MA plagued by drugs, violence and poverty. Locals refer to it as "the Pan".
"yo bro wanna go to the projects in Mattapan and score some heroin?"

"motherfucker are you nuts? i'm not going to the Pan at night."

"u a pussy."
by affluent geoffrey October 13, 2019

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When you shit your pants after eating linguica.
Lou: hey bro wanna go chill on my boat?
Bobby: sure but I gotta go home to change my pants.
Lou: why??
Bobby: New Bedford Splatter.
Lou: ??????????????
Bobby: had linguica for lunch.
Lou: ????????
Bobby: mad diarrhea bro.
Lou: you sick fuck. Get out of my car now!
Bobby: sorry bro.
by affluent geoffrey July 20, 2019

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