A term used in the United States referring to a place in a large city that is mostly populated by poor minorities. It has nothing to do with the actual inner part of a city, and generally refers to a wedge-shaped area within the city limits that separates the downtown area from the suburbs, such as the Bronx in NYC, the South and West Sides of Chicago, Dorchester and Roxbury in Boston, and South Central Los Angeles.
The inner part of a city is the downtown area, but the part that is called "inner city" is the outside part.
by vetchling April 8, 2007
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Almost always used to describe poor minorities living near a city. This doesn't actually mean they live IN a city. Plenty of people live in a city, but would never be described as "inner city."
The inner-city schools are struggling to keep up with the rest of the nation.
by Ando June 29, 2004
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Logically, the "inner city" would be 5th Avenue where Trump Tower is, which is as "inner" as it gets. But it actually refers to the ghetto, even if the ghetto is on the outskirts and nowhere near the center of the city. It's a way of reinforcing the racist perception that "city=crime=black people."
"Don't go all the way out to Yonkers. It's the inner city."
by Ignatzz November 20, 2019
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Where President Trump believes all black people live. It's believed Trump views "inner cities" as synonymous with black people, poverty, crime, poor education, burning cities, looting and riots. There's uncertainty as to whether the Donald knows black Americans can exist outside urban areas, as he often immediately discusses the inner cities when meeting one in person.
"I would be a president for all of the people. African-Americans, the inner cities. Devastating what's happening to our inner cities."
-Donald Trump
by +ApN+ January 18, 2017
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the insane clown posse befor they were called such.
inner city posse gettin wicked with the icp!
by kalah October 17, 2005
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The biggest group of thug ballers. If you are a member of the Inner City Chosen, your well known, the guys want to be you, and the ladies want to be with you.
Inner City Chosen are ballers, and get all the ladies
by Dat City Kid December 24, 2009
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When you tie someone down, skeet their eyes shut, and repeatedly hit them with a shovel. It is optional to also scream " Who's your daddy!"
Don't get too close, these gangstas look like they might pull out some inner city pwnage on us.
by Brandon White October 31, 2007
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