When someone offers to smoke weed with you for no charge on your part.

also referred to as burn up, smoke up, etc.
Friend: Yo dude what's good? Come pick me up and I'll blaze up
You: Werd
by Jesusxox0 February 11, 2010
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To dominate and/or humiliate someone in a competition or debate.
I Blazed up all, ha haaaaa!!!!!
by mhurtado07 August 15, 2008
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The boy who always blazes up their friends
Dude I don't have any weed left ok call up jaime .....who you mean king blaze up
by ckystoner June 22, 2010
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to light up a mothafuckin blunt
Yo, nigga blaze it up!
by J5 April 11, 2004
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To light up a fucking joint and to be so high....
MaN FucK WaS i eVeR BLaZiN iT uP At JoeS CRiB YeSTeRDaY!
by The Reefer Man May 9, 2005
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we really blazed it up at that party last nite
by jimmy December 30, 2004
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