as in you muttin it. doing something crazy or careless.

Also it can be use as dressing tacky
You stole my money you sick for that

That girl outfit look so ugly she sick for that

That boy cheated you he sick
by Smoothie E January 21, 2022
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Caution from one citizen to another regarding the insufficient protective qualities of cloth masking.
"Pretty masks make you sick!" said Henry as his ladyfriend Wendy came around the corner, showing off her new daisy-printed hand-sewn cotton mask. "N-95s all the way, dude!"
by Hifalutin! January 13, 2022
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A nice way of saying you look like shit and or death.
Are you alright you look sick today.
by Koala kenzie February 25, 2017
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scally term used to say that somebody has told you something really 'daring' or whatever even if it isn't really.

See some sick guy
"So i said to the copper you stupidswinehound"
"you're sick, you"
by GF June 10, 2005
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when you've dominated a situation, and every bitch knows!
I absolutely smashed that test, raah sick you get me!

This caviar is delightful, raah sick you get me!

I just met James Hancock, raah sick you get me!
by Lexington Steele's bitch March 22, 2013
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