A place where poor people live which is usually government-owned. The area is filled with drug dealers,
prostitutes and bad violence.
I live in the Queensbridge projects.
by barrington7463 October 7, 2010
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The real definition:Public housing or project homes is a form of housing tenure in which the property is owned by a government authority, which may be central or local. Although the common goal is to maintain affordable housing, the details of the arrangements differ between countries, and so does the terminology.

My definition for projects is the trap, a struggle, livin pay check to paycheck, tryin to make it out of there. Goverment owned so they can tell you to get out at anytime. Fighting to stay alive. Pretending to be blinde because if you see something you not suposed to all you can do is turn your head and not say shit. A lot of funerals, nobody cares, hustlin to make a living, and depressing.
Caliope, Magnolia,St. Bernard, Iberville, Lafitte,Desire, Guste, Fischer, and scattered-site housing like Press Park and Christopher Homes.

I'm from caliope projects and the best thing that ever happened to me in the projects was gettin out.
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slums/poor housing/ghetto
projects:- People Relying On Just Enough Cash To Survive.
Usually the leaset econommically advantageous people will live in the projects. Projects lead to many things such as crime as a resort.
"When I was a child it was tough growing up in the projects..."
by MC_Dazzle February 27, 2006
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short for housing projects..
government-owned buildings meant for the poorer people in an area to live in.
sometimes rent goes by how much money you make, so if you have a really crap job, you can still afford to live there.
because of this, drug-dealers, gangsters, heathens and hoodrats make it in, and that's why there is a bad connotation to the word "projects"
the only fun thing to do in the projects is wait for the ice cream truck!
by Mitsu Mike November 5, 2006
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A low income housing area. Usually involved with a large amount of crimes. Including drug dealers, gangsters, violence. Often on the local police's "radar" If you go in there and you don't "belong", you will be harmed.

The TV show "The Wire" depicts projects in season one.
by Big Black Jew August 25, 2010
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I read recently in a history book on my local town how the origin of this word came to be. After World War II, the returning soldiers (who left as boys & returned as young men) wanted to get married, have children (hence the baby boomers) and have a house of their own. However, up until this time the economy was tanked due to the great depression, and house construction pretty much was at a stand-still due to the massive amount of men who were away at war. When they returned, there was a HUGE demand for housing, and so housing authorities were formed to figure out ways to supply houses for them. So, initially, these houses were meant as low income houses for veterans. Eventually as the veterans moved away, we ended up with what today is low income housing. The word "Projects" actually came from the housing authorities, as the first set was referred to as "The Project"
The housing authority is working on building low income houses, and the first of these "projects" is set to be built next year.
by Tim W. October 19, 2006
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A place where I live and it is not all that good, but I got a roof over my head.
West Brighton, Park Hill, Stapleton(Staten Island)/ Redhook, Gowanus(Brooklyn)
by Mike May 11, 2003
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