to be fooled or purposely mislead.
That nigga juked me. He said he was gonna pay me back, but he didn't.
by Quintin Lewis November 8, 2004
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To ejaculate. Typically done in a disrespectful manner.
"Jimmy said he picked up a $20 blowjob whore in Oakland last night and juked in her mouth."
by affluent geoffrey July 22, 2019
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Broken, messed-up, nonfunctional.
Man, my CD player is totally juked after I dropped it.
by ethan May 7, 2004
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dancing with a girl's butt on a boy's crotch area; called bedroom dancing by some people. The boy stands up adn the girl is moving her pelvis and popping her back, the boy's hands are on her hips.
You can't come to my party and stand on the wall, you betta juke or you gonna have to leave.
by hersheyskiss May 20, 2003
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1) To defeat an opponent by using subtlety, cleverness, or a trickery. To force an opponent between choosing between two negative options (both of which benefit you).

2) To steal from someone else.

3) To dance while grinding one's ass against another dancer's pelvis. This slang is common in Chicago.

4) To stab another person. This slang is common in South London.
1) He totally juked me into that Checkmate yesterday.

2) Hey! That kid just juked that DVD!

3) She was juking him all over the dance floor last night.

4) He got juked and mugged between the tube station and his flat.
by Tanniynim July 30, 2006
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In football, to fake someone out, make them miss a tackle.
"Barry Sanders juked that defender out of his shoes"
by Nightwing April 30, 2005
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Juke (jew-k) verb
Gang slang word used by the Jamacain Posse that means to rob or hold up or rip someone off.
Mon, I an I be tired of da yellow paper juke so I getz me shooty and clap dat rudeboy.
by Dragonlady58 December 28, 2021
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