when hot is just not enough. Hotter means that something is better than absolutely everything that is hot.
Wow, that guys hotter.
by fireit May 6, 2006
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A shot. One part Wild Turkey 101, One part Goldschlager, 1 part Bacardi 151. It makes everything and everyone hotter.
This night is boring, we need a round of hotters!
by Drawnbear November 25, 2010
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An attractive bearded man with very little body hair!
that guy was a total Hotter!
by adski91 February 15, 2019
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Popular wizard known throughout the dyslexic community.
When I grow up, I wanna be ujst ilke parry hotter.
by Jacomba February 28, 2004
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The not as well known twin brother to Harry Potter. Made his career in the adult entertainment business.
Hey, its Parry Hotter starring in the "The Mega-Magic Wand".
by Parry 'Allnight' Hotter February 27, 2009
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Harry Potter’s cooler, hotter twin brother. He was taken care of by Snape instead of the Dursleys and basically grew up at Hogwarts. Parry is totally wicked and everyone loves him. He is the captain of Slytherin Quidditch and has never lost a game. Harry hates his brother because he knows he is better and everyone tells him that fact.
Ginny: Who do you fancy?
Cho Chang: Parry Hotter
Ginny: HARRY POTTER??? He is so umm... ugly. You can do way better. don’tgoforhimlolxD.
Cho: Okay well I said Parry Hotter anyways...

...You’re kinda obsessed with Harry ya know that?
by FakedNaked October 9, 2017
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Any autistic looking kid passing by.

Comes from an obscure line from the Dubbed Funimation version of the popular anime Crayon Shin Chan. The line was uttered by Kazama(Georgie Prescott III) and Nene(Penny Milfer)
1) *Jeff sees an autistic kid walking like he's drunk*
Jeff: Look at Parry Hotter go.

2) Georgie: Hey, Penny! What book is that?
Penny: Here
*Shows the book*
Georgie: Parry Hotter? What a friggin ripoff! He doesn't even look like a real wizard!
Penny: That's cuz he's not! He's an autistic kid who got sent to England cuz he shot his brother.
by DoodooMan November 7, 2007
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