Acronym for the Boston neighborhood Jamaica Plain. Diversity is celebrated in JP. It's not uncommon to see affluent college kids intermingling with disadvantaged inner city youths at the public parks where playing basketball and smoking marijuana is a way of life.
"Hey lets go to JP to play some hoops and blaze up with the homeboys."
by affluent geoffrey January 31, 2020
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Person: damn he’s got a thicc booty!!
Person: must be a JP.
by Littlefuckfucker69 August 18, 2019
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In Polish "Jebać Policje" - a new hiphop phrase which recently overtook "HWDP" / "(c)Huj w Dupe Policji" as the most popular hiphop way of showing that you're an edgy rebel.

Very popular on hoodies, graffitti and such.
Kurwa Policyjna Propaganda JP
by Londonitsta April 26, 2010
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JP - cymbal player. most amazing boyfriend ever! He is always there for you and gives the best kisses. Most likely will fall in love with a cute girl in the colorguard. Crazy, fun, exciting.
Oh how she loves her JP.
by Babydoll91595 September 08, 2010
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a crazy/ sexy/ cool kinda-guy
That jp sure is the best guy to ever live.
by gina August 19, 2003
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Also known as Jameson by his Irish parents. He is a huge flirt, and can’t help but stare at any girl named Abigail. He thinks that tapping girls on the shoulder is flirting and making himself available, but it’s incredibly irritating. Won’t shut up about popularity when he’s with people not from school, but we all know it’s a lie. Claims he has straight A’s but he’s a C type of kid. He whispers and giggles creepily behind girl’s backs. Nasty! Least photogenic person ever...always leaves a seat open next to him on the Metro with the hopes of an Abigail, but is just denied and becomes another one of her trolling victims.
JP is a fugly bitch and should be in Mean Girls.
by Dora the Destroyer January 01, 2018
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