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A true Goddess. Holly's are strikingly beautiful, and will take your breath away. You will be instantly captivated by her beauty. She has a flirtatious giggle that will bring a smile to your face, and make you weak in the knees. Her eyes sparkle like diamonds, and her face glows like the golden sun. She has a quit wit, a genius mind, the body of a goddess and a spirit that will light up your life. She is exciting, complicated, powerful and articulate. Holly's are passionate, courageous and wise. She is SENSATIONAL! She will steal your heart and you will never want it back. A Holly is every man's dream. Truly a work of art!
Sara: Wow, look at that girl, she has everyting going for her.
Mary: That's Holly
Sara: I wish I were a Holly
by EveryManInTheWorld February 03, 2010
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A brightly spirited person, with a lot of passion for life.
Wants to know the entire world and more.
She is impulsive and at times can be too enthusiastic about certain things.
She is very loving and takes care of those she loves.
A people person, and is always interested in learning something new.
She is stunningly beautiful with bright eyes, and her sex appeal will take your beathe away.
Curvy body with big hair.
Wow, that girl is such a "holly"
by Moogauna June 09, 2009
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A one of a kind magical creature. So beautiful she looks like a model.

creature appears as the following:

-tall with long legs
-blondish brown hair that shines in the sun
-wide beautiful brown eyes
-a smile that lights her whole face up

Things that make Holly:

-Love for animals especially cats and unicorns
-Artistic and creative mind.

-sings in the shower
-Beautiful breath taking Dancer. You haven't lived until you have seen Holly dance
-Always laughing
-Gives great hugs
-Makes weird noises
-Lazy :)
-Can bring lots of excitement into a room
-Can really Party
" wow that girl is almost as amazing as Holly."
by meow<3 December 01, 2011
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The most beautiful girl in the whole wide world. Someone who is so clever that she is loved so much by this one person; but someone so thick that they don't know that this person loves them.
Holly is amazing. A lovley person. And I love her.
by Helen of Athens. February 17, 2009
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Holly’s are always beautiful! Generally they are the image of a princess, with long, dark, thick hair and huge shiny eyes, as well as a body that has the guys gaping at their curves whenever they doll-up. Tough as hell, Holly's may have experienced some hiccups in their life, but they never seem to bite the dust! They have huge hearts and a tendency to be excessively loud without even acknowledging it. With a particular talent for writing, their friends and teachers repeatedly express hope for a future publication. However, they have the ambition and spirit to be whatever they want, from a Russian impressionist to an accomplished mathematician, but would achieve most in occupations involving MI9 and super-spying. Despite recurring blonde moments, they have the IQ of a genius and outshine all their friends, especially in English. Their ability to laugh at any time, even when it’s completely inappropriate, along with their fair and gentle nature leads others to be drawn to their light and positive attitude. Always reliable and honest, Holly’s are the first one called when a problem arises, and the most likely to stand by you. They will never let you down. Anyone who has a Holly in their life is blessed.
Sam: Da-yym! Gotta get me a Holly!
by . Pooshka . January 11, 2014
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Usually an ash blond, blue eyed girl with a great sense of humour. She's shy but knows when to speak up and you can always count on her. She's beautiful in every way, but she doesn't see it. She's full of hidden talents that people don't know, and if you know what they are she's sure to be modest.

She can figure out when people are being real with her, and knows who to trust. She may be quiet, but that doesn't mean she isn't fun. When people try to get to know her, they will see a very outgoing and passionate person. She is kind-hearted, and sympathetic to all that she meets.

Holly is a rare girl, and if you get lucky to meet her, make sure to never let her go.
Emily: "Wow, that girl is such a great person... She helped me out when no one else would."

Dan: "Yeah, her name is Holly."
by d0nth@te May 24, 2011
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Holly's are sometimes hard to come by, but when you find one you must take your chance and never let them go.

-They have huge bright eyes which you could stare into forever and thick lush hair.
-They are loud and fun to be around. They make any day bright and exciting.
-They love to have fun, enjoying dancing, singing and being silly.
-They make your heart melt and your jaw drop with there pure beauty and bubble personality.
-Its near impossible to hate a holly.They are beautiful in every way.
guy1 "I can't stop thinking about Holly"
guy2 "I know your pain"
by quimy9 May 05, 2010
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