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A one of a kind magical creature. So beautiful she looks like a model.

creature appears as the following:

-tall with long legs
-blondish brown hair that shines in the sun
-wide beautiful brown eyes
-a smile that lights her whole face up

Things that make Holly:

-Love for animals especially cats and unicorns
-Artistic and creative mind.

-sings in the shower
-Beautiful breath taking Dancer. You haven't lived until you have seen Holly dance
-Always laughing
-Gives great hugs
-Makes weird noises
-Lazy :)
-Can bring lots of excitement into a room
-Can really Party
" wow that girl is almost as amazing as Holly."
by meow<3 December 01, 2011
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A true Goddess. Holly's are strikingly beautiful, and will take your breath away. You will be instantly captivated by her beauty. She has a flirtatious giggle that will bring a smile to your face, and make you weak in the knees. Her eyes sparkle like diamonds, and her face glows like the golden sun. She has a quit wit, a genius mind, the body of a goddess and a spirit that will light up your life. She is exciting, complicated, powerful and articulate. Holly's are passionate, courageous and wise. She is SENSATIONAL! She will steal your heart and you will never want it back. A Holly is every man's dream. Truly a work of art!
Sara: Wow, look at that girl, she has everyting going for her.
Mary: That's Holly
Sara: I wish I were a Holly
by EveryManInTheWorld February 03, 2010
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holly is a word that describes a beautiful young woman who will brighten up your day if you see her. She is always smiling which will put a smile on your face. She is easy to get along with and will never fail to make you laugh. She may not be the brightest of the bunch but she is clever in her own way which makes her so loved and compelling. She is a theatre and food fan, therefore if you take her to the theatre and buy her food, she will be yours forever.
"I was having such a shit day, but then I saw holly"

"Holly waved at me today, it was great"

"today holly gave me a toffe. today is a good day"

"holly is the one, so I'm going to take her on a dinner and theatre date"

holly lovely love smile cute pretty sexy bootylishious beautiful dinner theatre food date forever
by tinnietea April 21, 2013
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a very good friend, very hyper, can be a bit rowdy, always talking, has her blonde moments, nice girl unless you give her a reason not to be, has a VERY powerful punch/hit, can get feisty when need to be, very funny girl, always singing, really good at singing, has a small butt, gorgeous girl, very trustworthy
Stop being Holly!

Oh stop it, your so Holly <3

Don't make me go Holly on you!
by Burger King853 September 30, 2011
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A brightly spirited person, with a lot of passion for life.
Wants to know the entire world and more.
She is impulsive and at times can be too enthusiastic about certain things.
She is very loving and takes care of those she loves.
A people person, and is always interested in learning something new.
She is stunningly beautiful with bright eyes, and her sex appeal will take your beathe away.
Curvy body with big hair.
Wow, that girl is such a "holly"
by Moogauna June 09, 2009
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a girl who loves that special boy with everything in her heart. she will stick by him through thick and thin. and will never let go. she will be the first to admit her mistakes, and accept her past. she see's no point in trying to hide things from those around her. she hates being lied to, or treated poorly. and she knows what life is.
by gator2011 May 11, 2011
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The most amazing, beautiful girl ever. She will take your breath away. She will make you weak at the knees when you try to talk with her. Her eyes glow with her inner beauty, and her skin is beautifully soft. Her hair is soft and wavy, and bounces with the smallest touch. One look, and your heart will melt.
But most of all, any attempts to describe her will seem feeble at best.
Person 1: "I'm so lucky to have her as my girlfriend"
Person 2: "Is she called Holly?"
Person 1: "How did you know?"
by Grind3r March 18, 2011
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