City east of SF Bay, aka "tha town". Separated into 3 parts (North, West, and East Oakland). There is no south. North Oakland is the hills. West Oakland has downtown, lake merritt, chinatown, and jack london square. East Oakland has the airport, coliseum, and the zoo. Deep East Oakland is where you can find the sideshows, people actin' a fool and gettin' hyphy, goin stupid doo doo dumb retarded, smokin perk and chewy, sippin' on some heem or yak, and slappin' hard in they box chevs.
dude1: 'ey mayne, what it do?
dude2: it ain't nuttin yo. i finta get blazed tonite and hit up tha town, yadidamean?
dude1:o fo sho.
by UselessHarry August 26, 2005
Medium thicc dog, with black spots and white spur. Has a white ring at the beginning of his tail.
Please do not approach him because he will melt your heart
Aww Oakland so beautiful
by Ialreadynamed_this December 15, 2020
A city in the East San Francisco Bay Area. It has gorgeous weather, exceptionally high crime and can't seem to keep its sports teams. The Warriors left back to San Francisco after a 47 year run in Oakland. The Raiders, although forever associated with the bay area, got fed up with Oakland's shit and they left for Las Vegas, were the benefits and fan base were more enticing. They built a nice stadium (the rideshare thing is dumb, because not everyone wants to take Uber or Lyft to a football game or music concert) right next to the strip. So, you get football (or a concert), gambling, casinos, restaurants, buffets and all other sorts of things. Oakland dropped the ball (pun intended). Their only team left is the Oakland A's, and even they are considering leaving for Las Vegas since Oakland can't or won't build a new stadium. The city is also rife with homelessness, since the cost of living in the San Francisco Bay area is disgustingly high. Under the over passes of Interstate 880, one can find entire homeless cities.
Oakland, that one city that can be seen across the bay from San Francisco...
by GG Allin August 16, 2021
Founded in 1852, The Town is the eighth-largest city in the U.S., but what makes it stand out amongst other American cities is its diverse communities,distinct neighborhoods and turfs, and its culturally rich activities such as mobbin through the sydeshows in a Box Chevy, Going 18 Dummy sippin yak and blowin Purple, and the historically significant Pimp Game. The Town has birthed some of the most notable musicians and rappers of the 20-21st century, such as Tower of Power, Sly and The Family Stone,Too Short, Richy Rich,Keak Da Sneak, Keyshia Cole and DU. Also emerging from Oakland are The Oakland Raiders,The Black Panthers, The East Bay Dragons, The Hells Angels, and many other impacting culturally iconic groups.
Person from LA: "Where you from?"
Person from Oakland: "Oakland Bitch."
by Hiroshi San November 2, 2007
A city in California on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay. A beautiful city with beautiful weather.

Oakland is known for its great sports teams, the A's and the Raiders. It is also known for its sideshows and high murder rate.
Oakland is a great place to take a vacation, because there are no other tourists there.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 13, 2005
1) A city in the East Bay, notorious for it's crime and homicides.
2) The third weirdest city in the Bay Area, right behind Bezerkley and San Francisco.
3) My home town.
Oakland's got a bad rep, but it's honestly not as bad as it's said to be. I lived right in the middle of it for 12 years and I never got shot.
by Lloydie-boy February 14, 2008
hella ghetto but awesome fun city in california bay area. mega high crime rates. has a nice needle exchange program!! lots of crack users there, especially in west oakland.
Let's go to Oakland!
Hell yea! We can score some crack!
by Jewelziedoll August 9, 2008