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A group of demons in human form who can shoot lasers out of their eyes that attract stupid males. A scantily-dressed crime against evolution, the leader of whom (Kim Kardashian) deserves to be shot several times and then kept alive on her own ground-up organs.
GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Run! It's the Kardashians! Run in the name of originality!
by SilawenGreenleaf June 26, 2011
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a reality television/socialite family who is only famous for their daughter, kim kardashian, being friends with paris hilton. They consist of a wannabe-slut mother who always dreamed of being in play boy, an actually good father,and 3 adult slut daughters. Their names are Kim, who's famous for having a big ass and a sex tape,kourtney, the most attractive yet just as slutty daughter, and khloe the less attractive daughter who acts outgoing but comes off to some as a bitch(luv ya!). There are two more younger preteen daughters who are spoiled little bitches who will soon grow up to be just like their sisters with no self-respect. Lastly there are like 2 or 3 (i cant remember and frankly don't care) other brothers no one gives a shit about.
The Kardashians are a family of sluts and future skanks not including the conservative father.

I love the Kardashians, mainly because they make my prostitute family look normal. btw great show!
by Kiera Ogburn March 13, 2008
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