1 To make feces in your drawers
2 to become excited or overjoyed
3 To be scared or surprised
1 Dude, did you shit your pants?
2 Shannon asked you out and you shit your pants
3 When that bomb went off, you shit your pants
by todd's big dick January 21, 2008
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V. To become upset; get angry.
"You spent the money I gave you for baby food on cigarettes!?!?"
"Aw, don't shit your pants. That kid eats better than I do."
by DrewThreeFour May 19, 2008
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Believe it or not, shitting your pants is exactly what it sounds like. It's when you shit in your pants. See also suprise shit
"Hey don, how was math class?"
"Mr. Hendricks wouldn't let me use the bathroom so I ended up shitting your pants*."
"... I can get your notes for the rest of the week."
*i wanted to put down shitting my pants, but the UD wouldn't let me
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An insult meant to throw your opponent off their game. It can end an argument or leave an opening to stun them before you storm into their closet looking for a pair of pants to actually shit in.
Try me bitch. I’ll shit your pants.
by Kate PaTaylor Swift January 19, 2021
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'I will shit your pants', or variantly, 'I will piss your pants' is generalized, undefined threat, and is used in conversation.
If you tell me the earth is flat one more time, I will shit your pants.
by Omniv0r March 10, 2022
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Scared shitless numerous times in a 24 hour period by the same person...
I usually drive but Last night I let friend drive and I seriously had a shit your pants capade by how many time I thought going to die, especially when she made a left at a long left turn sign and was going the wrong direction on the opposite side of the street.
by Roqem May 26, 2017
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An extremely fun, challenging, survival horror game where you attempt the impossible... to not shit your pants!
Don't shit your pants is an excellent trainer for a toddler.
by white brown March 12, 2011
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