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Also known as a "we need to talk" situation. It means you're in trouble, or you're being dumped... you poor, poor dear.
She said we needed to have a discussion and next thing I knew... my clothes were all being tossed out the window... (usually in this context over beers)
by xSarahx July 02, 2005
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An interplay between a man and a woman, in which a woman talks while a man tunes her out and grunts occassionally to create the illusion that he is paying attention. The woman may interpret these grunts in any way she wishes. Discussions are inherently dangerous to men, because they may unknowingly agree to things that lead to unlpeasant surprises later.
Male: What do you mean you stopped taking birth control?

Female: Don't you remember? We had this discussion!
by skeevy_mcgee October 31, 2005
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