An interjection, most often used when saying something the listener does not, and often could not reasonably, know.
There are 374,102 hairs on my head, you know.
by Anonymous May 25, 2004
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A very overused phase people say 500 times a sentence that gets annoying after 10 straight minutes. There is only one reason why they might be doing it, and it’s because they for some reason think it’s cute. It’s as simple as that.
Person #1: You know, you know, you know, you know.
Person #2: No, I don’t know, and I don’t care to know, so please stop talking.
by The only name not in use September 7, 2018
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Its what you say when you are puertorican and try to speak english without knowing the language correctly.
“Well he said that to you know put cement you know to put cement you know to force out”

- Joseph 2021
by La Maravilla March 5, 2021
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1. A Concise phrase, where the context of the matter doesn't need to be explained. Usually said to someone out of the loop/ not up to date/ is not aware.

2. Having knowledge or being aware of something especially through personal experience.

3. Street Smarts

4. Being Cognizant
Person 1:

What was that about?
What were they talking about?
Is that true?
How do you know THAT?
Person 2:

Don't worry about it. If you know, you know.
by LinguisticsOfTime March 18, 2020
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The defining phrase of an inside joke/access to information only a select few know about
You see your mate's laptop screen saver is a naked girl, but her face is covered , you know who it is, but others don't- you post it on your snapchat and put "....'s screensaver, if you know, you know"
by Resting peace August 29, 2015
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Said by absolute wankers and utter cunts feeling smug and clever
A: says joke
B: scratches head
A: if you know, you know - and doesn't explain. There's a superior undertone, supposedly to manipulate the listener into giving AF. Said usually by completely banal people with nothing to show for their total and self-absorbed mediocrity
by psycheward January 26, 2022
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A way of agreeing or accepting something said.
Jimbob-"That kid is so salty that you kicked his ass!"
Steveo-"You know, you know..."
by Yeagermeister January 26, 2005
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