a song that is performed with sexually orientated movement before, during or after a theatrical performance.
if performed too often, performers may be kicked out of groups. eg. drama ensembles.
actions that are done to song, must include thrusting of legs, hips and pelvis', particulary on hard surfaces, eg. floor boards.
"hughsi.... you are so....sexy, everything about you so sexy, you dont even know what you've gotttt, you're really hitting my spot, oh yer"
by cheriẹ July 5, 2005
A slang term for an erection. When the male penis hardens the clothing of the male will rise in the groin region.
"what is that dude!?"

"Ah nothing, just a little material."
by Dailles August 15, 2007
A phrase used after a serious comment makes an individual angry. The phrase is to make light of the serious comment, such as to convince the person spoken to that the aforementioned comment was just a joke.....even though actually it was not a joke.
Come on lighten up.....when I told you that you are ugly I didn't mean it. It was just a little roadside humour!!!
by mrmag7 December 18, 2010
Roughly translates to, "Push me off a roof and make it look like an accident."
"Hey are you ok?"
"Im fine, just a little tired."
(They really mean, push me off a roof and make it look like an accident.)
by 2_shots_of_vodka May 31, 2020
Idiocy in its purest and most concentrated form; a trio of scumbags effacing the natural beauty of the Earth and trying to look cool while doing it.

Retarded inbreds aiming to leave a mark of their existence while the only thing they have accomplished is profound ignorance and wasting the Earth's resources in the process.

To call these "men" monkeys would be both a compliment and an indecency to all primates.
The infamous youtube video brief taking place in the exotic Goblin Valley.
"Wiggle it...... Just a lil bit" "BAH"!

Anyone who decides to wiggle it just a little bit requires sincere counseling.
by Macademia73 October 19, 2013
A condescending sentense to describe someone whom is in way over their head, just like a little monkey in the urban city would be
"How was your weekend, Nathaniel? "
"Horrible, on friday I had a violin lesson, but I took the wrong train and ended up in the Bronx"
"oh, so you were just a little monkey in a man's world, ey?"
by Hawkbrah January 19, 2016