49 definitions by Zeke

somethingunbelievable sweet. Likeifyou get 2 hsin one shot, that's q00lz.
q00lz! i just got 2 hs'!!
by Zeke May 09, 2003
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1. A muddy, swampy area that is hard to traverse.

2. A situation, often political/military, that's difficult to get out of. The building casualties and increased length of occupation in Iraq give one example.

3. Peter Griffin's sex-crazed and very loose next door neighbor on the show "Family Guy." A former Navy man, now a commercial pilot. Catchphrases include "Giggidy giggidy giggidy" and "Oh!" (accompanied by a thrusting motion with the arms)
"George W. Bush is actually quite talented. He managed to create a quagmire in a dry desert."

Host: Who else but Quagmire?
Song: He's Quagmire! Quagmire! You never really know what he's gonna do next, he's Quagmire! Quagmire!
Quagmire: Giggidy giggidy giggidy giggidy let's have sex!

Peter: Alright Cleveland, if this doesn't light a fire in your belly, nothing will. puts on a mask of Quagmire's face Hey, look at me, I'm Quagmire! I had sex with your wife! Giggidy giggidy giggidy giggidy!
Cleveland: Hahaha! Those are so his mannerisms!
by Zeke August 02, 2005
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How George W. Bush would describe himself as a president, spelling and all.
"I'm a great presidant, and I think our children is going to learn better now that I've invaded Iraq and plan to ban gay marriage."
by Zeke December 16, 2004
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Apparently anyone who plays on the VG server long enough.
We seem to all be "haxorz!"
n00b: you VGer's are all haxors! I'm leaving!
by Zeke May 08, 2003
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1.21, the number of gigawatts necessary to power a Flux Capacitor
I just had a 1.21 gigawatt flux capacitor installed in my car
by Zeke April 13, 2004
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similar to the wider known "shart" but solid not runny. occurs when one trys to ease out a fart and instead shits hard and painfully.
i got drunk on the plane & had a fit, everyone could smell it and they knew it was me.
by Zeke February 19, 2004
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