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Means "meal" in Japanese. Usually is used in connection with rice, so it's almost a synonym with it.
No example. It's also a first name, so please don't write that it's an insult.
by Zdenek May 07, 2005

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Ears in Japanese.
nekomimi - cat ears
by Zdenek June 08, 2004

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A video clip made by editing many cut scenes from one or more animes fit to some catchy MP3 song. The song is an important choice - it's either in English or in Japanese and the AMV creator should be familiar with it's words to make the scenes match the song text. The scenes shouldn't contain any subtitles and be of good quality, as otherwise the creator's efforts are half wasted. Many newbies even forget to turn off the DIVX logo - especially annoying, when it appears on every cut.
The resulting music video is a self-contained story and can really entertain you if made properly - it's sometimes even better than the song's original live clip.
Aluminum Studios have made some cool AMVs, but most of them are just fillers.
by Zdenek August 16, 2004

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It is a successor to the Windows 2000 operating system that can be used both as a server and as a workstation, where a conversion may be done (although undesirable at the registry level - you essentially get a bloated XP then) by hand, preferably. The system runs indeed smoothly, but only if a person knows what he is doing. The system is more picky on various drivers' defects, so one has to adjust for example the service "Start" type from Auto (2) to On demand (3). The system also accepts nearly all Windows XP drivers (the Compatibility tab helps to the rest) so that no faux-pas seen on the Windows XP rise vs. older hardware can surprise you. You can download a Service Pack 1 for this system and integrate it into your installation to fix many bugs and enable the NX bit-based buffer overrun protection.
To return to the conversion to a desktop environment, I recommend tweaking in gpedit.msc a lot and copy nusrmgr.cpl from Windows XP to simplify the user management. You use the said Group Policy Editor to remove the "Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete" nag screen, remove the asking for the reason for shutdown etc.
Right now, I'm running many services and applications on my Windows Server 2003 box. They include all of the common internet services - the web, secure HTTP, FTP, DNS, DHCP, NAT routing with port forwarding and countless small ones. As for the user interface (UI), I use StyleXP. All "serious" applications work, I can play GTA:SA, DOOM 3, Manhunt, Postal 2 and most other such games under this OS.
by Zdenek June 26, 2006

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Invented by the Japanese women in the 8th century AD, it can express any native Japanese word. It's useful for writing poems like haiku, as it allows only one way of reading, unlike kanji. It is in much heavier use now, as the kanji stops being as remarkable sign of tough knowledge as before. See also Katakana.
by Zdenek June 08, 2004

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The most (in)famous kind of Japanese suicide. As it says, I'm slitting my stomach, it refers to this gruesome kind of killing oneself.
He was not able to stand the pressure of the society, so he decided to solve the problems in an "honorable" way.
by Zdenek June 08, 2004

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(adj.) Describes any kind of information that is stored as a sequence of bits rather than as the kind of information stored without sharp differences like a flow of sound on tape or ink on paper, which are examples of analog record. The analog information is susceptible to noise, aging and corruption during copying much more than the digital media.
The word digital comes from Latin digitus = finger, which refers to the bit yes/no structure of the information - the finger is either up or down.
by Zdenek January 21, 2006

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