consciously and intentionally; on purpose.
I deliberately didn't do my homework.
by FancySweetCake November 18, 2013
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1. the careful consideration of all sides of an issue
2. reasoned and thoughtful discussion about a question
3. the process of discussion by which consensus, wisdom, and truth are reached in a collective fashion
The American legislature is supposed to have a deliberative process whereby law-making is slow because of the time it takes to determine the best policy and build a consensus in its favor.

"For Your Deliberation" - phrase used by when referring to a fact or opinion that merits discussion
by October 26, 2009
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To imprison someone
"Why did you buy a tazer?"
"It was deliberate."
by Jabliz February 24, 2009
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When on MSN having a conversation with more than one person in one window, and two or more of the people are secretly plotting or talking in a seperate MSN window about that mass conversation
Are they deliberating behind our backs again???! It's not about John Cena is it??
by Newo Smalliw February 7, 2008
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The act of having a small penis.
Justin is deliberant. :D
by anal_bead March 1, 2011
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A condition in which bias consumes the minds capacity allowing reason to be confused in analytical process by ones belief.
Fighting the reason for vaccination mandates is a result of heuristical deliberation.
by Sharpnbrite February 20, 2022
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