the crazy and radical behavior of people when partying
did you see those kids at that party last night? they were getting outlandish
by OSEK May 1, 2011
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isam, waqas and lenny: the greatest musical group ever.
Did you catch Outlandish out in the UK? They rocked!
by miss_medina May 8, 2007
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another word for sketchy...look it up at
sketchy is annoying and gay...use outlandish
by mrs lovequest April 21, 2004
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Awesome Guy: hey man you listen to The Outlandish Podcast.
Not awesome Guy: nope i listen to Instance.
Awesome Guy: I'm gonna loot your fridge if you don't listen to Outlandish!
by Gorillaz! September 17, 2009
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Friend 1: wow, look at that creep... that's one outlandish outlander.

Friend 2: Yeah.. to be an outlander is one thing, but to be an outlandish outlander.... completely different.
by jj_mcdougal February 1, 2009
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1) a phrase used to describe something truly amazing!

2) a phrase that will make you lose the game! HAHA, YOU JUST LOST THE GAME!

3) brian, cara, and michael, 'nough said
1) Why, that cactus is outlandish and fantastic!

2) I feel outlandish and fantastic! DAG NABIT, I JUST LOST THE GAME!
by ShirleytheSax! December 28, 2009
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outlandish hoe - to be fake and weird acting when it comes to social media.
that outlandish hoe has nothing better to do than run her mouth onna gram
by The islandary trendsetter February 25, 2023
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