the epitomy of english schoolboy and appropriate as a response to anything!
A: Werent we slaughtered at the cricket yesterday?

B: Rather!
by Rob July 28, 2004
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it is a cameo of infinitude that many fail to comprehend with their increasingly miniscule sphere of thought in which other banal rungs of ideas and thoughts are seated before the graces of the power that is the vastness of reason and all that is good in the world (including spice and everything nice, but the stuff that makes up boys (which i do not choose to explicate in this space for its pure vulgarity in the face of "rather")may be included if one takes the bokonist view of "as it ought to have been")
That was exceedingly rather.
meaning: my mind blows at the sheer paucitude of shoddiness addended to the object or idea described as "rather"
by Phil Pro August 8, 2006
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Is the shortened nickname version of Rathbone; that being a last name

Rathers is that guy who seems to be prone to being friend-zoned and also who gets hit in the head with a Volleyball. Rathers also seems prone to having his phone lost/stolen/confiscated at school. Most likely, he is an average sized human but sometimes they are hit with the ugly stick at birth and end up having a pepperoni pizza as a face.
Rathers, is your face okay?
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To express a preference in network TV news viewing.
If my cable or satellite went out and I needed a news fix, I'd Rather not.
by Harry flashman July 30, 2003
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The act of taking one option over the other without real regard for what the mainstream would consider sound logic, making this act bold and brave. Rather Having is not to be confused with preferring something, which any loser can do.
Circa 2009 one would prefer Dwight Howard to Ronny Turiaf, but a brave soul would be rather having Ronny.
by The Gosh Dang Bruin October 29, 2018
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Take a damaging true story and preemptively leak it to a reporter with enough bogus details stirred in to discredit the reporter and the story itself.
I can't belive Robert Richer Dan Rathered me!
by smb1971 August 9, 2008
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