When you tell anush the ice cap machine at Tim's is broken;
Anush replies with his hand gesture, "Don't Tell me"
by Zombieman#22 December 10, 2017
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When someone tells you something you already know is wrong. Or when somebody tells you that you can't do something.

Country Slang.
Your team didn't win the game last night, "Don't tell me not I already seen it."
by Gloria Beth March 9, 2008
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To dismiss someone else's statement that either corrects, or nullifies your previous statement.
"I'm not sure we're going the right way."
"Hey! You don't tell me!"
by Zias Noxid April 6, 2009
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a phrase meant as a joke to dispute pleasantries, that makes your significant other very irritated with you.
1.Boyfriend:Have a good day, babe.
You: don't tell me what to do!

2.BoyFriend: Kiss me baby!
You: don't tell me what to do!
by summerkitten September 15, 2010
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"Don't tell me what to do!" Cries out the stereotypical teenager at his parents.
"You dumb fuck!" says his father "You just told ME what to do, You fucking hypocrite!"

Runs after him with a blade and cuts him up to little pieces.
Arrr! Murder, yeah!
by philosophicallydisturbed October 8, 2009
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Another phrase originating from greensprings school, used in a similar manner to wait no telling. It is used to express disinterest in what someone is telling you about. And insinuating that their mother would be more amused by what they have to say than anyone else.
David: Never do that again you are so annoying!!
John: Don't tell me tell your mom.
by FrznYgrt January 26, 2020
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