keeping your cool no matter what happens. used in keeping a certain way about you.
"maintaining rock-on status"
by filter January 25, 2005
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1. (v.) to be of sound mind; to have a situation under control.
"All of my bills are overdue, but I'm maintaining."
by Tak October 8, 2001
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To keep your composure even in the most adverse and drunken circumstance.
Dude I need to maintain or I won't make it to the next bar.
by dannyfoskey February 7, 2003
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A highly skilled Airman charged with the task of fixing what a pilot does to a perfectly good aircraft.
That maintainers gonna be pissed when we bring this plane back in.
by J.Z. 1 June 4, 2009
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v. to successfully keep up with the psychological and physical demands of a drug habit, but to do no more than that.
by porkupine April 4, 2010
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To trim and/or shave one's pubic hair.
Jane had a date with Timmy on Friday night; on Thursday, she took a long, hot shower and maintained what had become her forested guntal area.
by Ronald V. Mexico July 24, 2008
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to keep up or carry on drinking for hours and hours. To keep in an existing state; preserve or retain consciousness after much intoxication. Maintaining!
Maintaining:we are going to maintain tonight, no shots.

Holy F**k I maintained last night, I really should be dead after all i drank.
by toronto1984 November 9, 2010
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