95 definitions by Yo Mama

Ghetto Ass way of saying 'shrimp'
"Im 'bout to go get me some skrimps and steak at Red Lobster"
by Yo Mama June 5, 2003
a mom and a dad that has a cock and a pus-say
yo mamma daddy is a fag, and he she is yo mamma daddy
by Yo Mama February 6, 2004
A set of clothes that is specifically picked out so that all pieces of clothing "go together". Normally something a woman wears, but recently black men have adopted to custom. White boys wear clothes. Brothers gotta wear an outfit.
Look at that reggin's outfit. Every thing fucking matches including his hat and shoes!
by Yo Mama September 16, 2003
somethign thtas on a guy and thats fuckng hottttttttttt
and they make guys turn gay
Yo sexy lemme see ure abs
by Yo Mama May 23, 2003