a slang word used for the city of Hamilton Ont.
I'm from the hammer yo
by Rory Schlarb May 3, 2006
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Everyone called Nick 'The Hammer' after seeing him naked in the shower at school.
by JTHowell February 13, 2009
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It all starts when a girl is sucking on your balls. You tell her to go lower, lower, lower, until she gets to your chocolate starfish. Then you flex your abs as hard as you can and blow ass in her face. If you accidentally shart you have successfully performed the infamous dirty hammer.
"Jermo gave that slutbag the hammer!"
by Jermo B April 9, 2008
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having sex very fast and force fully.

Adam was giving her the hammer last night in the car
by samdar September 2, 2008
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You must be crazy to think that can go against me/ when I say I bringing the Hammer I ain't talkin bout the MC
by Billy Da Kid August 5, 2005
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the term for a amazingly huge penis or bottle straped to the inner thigh of a male referred to as the hammer!!
omg did you see marlboro's defensive end has the hammer! omg hide the children! from #79
by one graced by the hammer August 31, 2009
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The state in which one finds themselves after ingesting large volumes of alcoholic beverages.

Symptoms include: babbling, hysterical laughter, name calling, aggressiveness, destructiveness, momentary lapses of consciousness, stumbling, vomiting, yelling, incoherent singing, falling, profanity, overeating, extreme urination, indiscriminate flirtation, bad judgment, disregard for the value of money or a propensity for excessive spending and, of course, more drinking.
After watching Frank chug his eighth glass of scotch, I walked out onto the deck and saw him pissing on my grille and cussing out my parents. He was fucking hammered.
by cabflow June 10, 2011
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