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The lead singer/guitarist of Green Day. Has been known to cuss a lot and expose himself in front of thousands of people.
"All hail Billie Joe Armstrong, the defintion of SEXY"
by yo mama November 06, 2004

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A show that makes fun of the horrible system we call society, lot of bad things but mostly true
Nambla, Wal-Mart, crippled people, and cussing
by Yo Mama April 16, 2005

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kyles band on south park
woo moop!
by Yo Mama November 01, 2003

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Ghetto Ass way of saying 'shrimp'
"Im 'bout to go get me some skrimps and steak at Red Lobster"
by Yo mama June 05, 2003

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A wire coat hanger that is bent out straight and then folder over on itslef several times. Used to beat a whore.
The whore got beat down with a pimp stick.
by yo mama September 11, 2003

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when feet turn you on
I wish i could see her stick her toe up another chick's ass hole then i would suck her toe and nut all over her hot sexy feet
by yo mama March 06, 2004

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man with boobs
usually fat
i was at raging waters and i saw a dude with man boobs
by yo mama April 29, 2004

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