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1. Cum shot to the face.
2. A blocked shot in bsketball that comes back and his you in the face.
he put up a shot and got a facial
by yo mama September 11, 2003
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The airport in Los Angeles. LAX = LA, MCI Kansas City, DFW = Dallas/Ft. Worth
My flight lands at LAX and I have a lay over.
by yo mama September 11, 2003
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THE BEST BAND EVER!! This awesome late 60's early 70's group consists of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham. They did a bunch of really famous songs like "Stairway to Heaven", "Gallows Pole" and "Kashmire" , to name just a few. Jimmy Page, the guitarist is the best guitarist ever to exist.. AND I MEAN EVER!
Hippie #1: "Hey dude I got these Led Zep tickets.. For the Song Remains the Same Concert."

Hippie #2: "Right on, dude. I dig it."
by yo mama March 5, 2005
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Former second baseman Mark Lemke of the Atlanta Braves, 1988-1997. On the 1995 World Series Champion team. Also referenced numerous times on HomestarRunner.com
Lemke was a man....uh.....he was a short man!.....err......maybe he was just short......but he was still LEM-KE!!!!!!!!!
by yo mama July 20, 2003
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a trainwreck of a girl who has disaster follow her around like that pigpen guy from Peanuts has a cloud of shit following him... but who is just so damned NICE you can't get pissed and throw sharp things at her. Kind of how you love retards, but don't expect too much from them.
Yo! That girl is one fucked up neelam! But... we should probably bake her vegetarian cookies or she'll cry.
by yo mama April 7, 2005
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