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The act of using ones voice to produce musical sounds, often with the use of words.

Men in particular who can sing well, or even moderately well, gain an immense advantage over their peers as the ability to sing is by far the single most sexually attractive quality to a woman. In fact it is not uncommon for a male singer to have hundreds beautiful females vying for his affections within seconds of breaking into song.

Also, if accompanied by any form of rhythmic movement or dancing this effect can be multiplied tenfold.
Guy: (singing) "When the moon hits your eye..."

Girl 1: "Ahhhhh! Do me!"

Girl 2: *faint*
by 'ice' May 07, 2009
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"To articulate or utter words or sounds in succession with musical inflexions or modulations of the voice, so as to produce an effect entirely different from that or ordinary speech; specifically to do this in a skilled manner, as the result of training and practce."

-Oxford English Dictionary
My voice professor is singing in a one act opera this summer.
by KGV December 01, 2005
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- To utter a series of words or sounds in musical tones.
- To vocalize songs or selections.
- To perform songs or selections as a trained or professional singer.
- To produce sounds when played: made the violin sing.

Contrary to popular (and ignorant) belief, singing is a talent that can be learned by just about anyone. Singing well does not require "natural talent" as most people believe. Any voice can prove to be a beautiful singing voice with practice and correct technique. It is because of this belief that so many people declare that they cannot sing, when in reality they have probabally never actually tried to learn.
Singing well is a product of hard work, practice, and understanding. Not a pure product of natural talent.
by BBBBXB October 13, 2007
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Snitching. Informing on somone, usually to the police or other authority.
Max got arrested last night and apparently he's been singing to the cops
by Snowball112 November 17, 2011
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Something I can't do at all, But I'm in choir anyway.
"Did you hear Carrie singing yesterday? IT WAS T E R R I B L E."
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by CarrieLovesETHHHHAANNNNNNN December 09, 2017
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