A squish is a platonic crush, one where you like someone and want to be close to them, but not in a romantic way.
by GeorgeWGeezil January 23, 2010
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1. In the asexual community, the equivalent of a "crush", but explicitly lacking an interest in forming a romantic couple or having a sexual relationship with the person in question. It does not matter if they are "in a relationship", as long as you two can have a deep connection. A squish is an intense feeling of attraction, liking, appreciation, admiration for a person you urgently want to get to know better and become close with. It is different from "just wanting to be friends" in that there is an intensity about it and a disproportionate sense of elation when they like and appreciate you back.

2. Such a person can be referred to as your "squish".

3. It can be used as a verb, "to squish on someone".
A: So are you... dating right now?
B: No, I'm not looking.
A: (thinks: oh good, that means she will date me)
B: No I really want you to hear what I'm saying: I'm not looking to be in a relationship. But I have two squishes right now.
A: You what?
B: Squishes. They're people I just really love and want to be close to and intimate with - but not in a sexual way. I just feel very connected with them and attracted to them and I want to be important in their lives. But I don't want to be in a romantic relationship with them.
A: Huh? You're weird.
by A-Trix July 12, 2009
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1. v. To crush or flatten to the point where the object crushed has its fluids splattered about.
2. n. The sound of something getting squished. The sound is usually wet.
3. n. In the old Nickelodeon cartoon "Aaah, Real Monsters!", a squish was when a monster mildly liked another monster. Their form of a crush.
1. I saw a bug crawling on the table and squished it.
2. When I stepped on a grape in the supermarket, it went "squish".
3. In one episode of "Aaah, Real Monsters", Ickis thought that Oblina had a squish on him.
by some punk kid May 01, 2005
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-Soft, squishy, chubby skin on a person's body.
-Wow, you have a lot of squish.
by dfjhkas8 December 24, 2008
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the extra skin on you tummy,thighs, and arms.

if you poke it you finger should sink into the squish!!haha
person 1: poke poke, whats that??

person 2: ohh thats my squish
by justicesfriend January 04, 2010
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The adductor pollicis muscle in the hand. Located between the index finger and thumb on Peters hand.
Peter has a rather irresistible squish!
by jarndt May 16, 2008
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They found an abnormality on my squish, so they want me to get an ultrasound.
by SPQR October 29, 2006
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