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Ghetto Ass way of saying 'shrimp'
"Im 'bout to go get me some skrimps and steak at Red Lobster"
by Yo mama June 05, 2003
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n. ebonic for shrimp, prawns or crawfish.
often used as a nickname.

adj. small, not very much. to scrape or save a portion.
n. "boy, i sure loves me some skrimps!", kaleb said

adj. "word, yo! gives me a skrimp of them delicious skrimps.", caleb replied
by winksie April 14, 2008
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a bitch ass nigga who always on some opp shit regardless of what’s going on at that moment
damn this nigga stay talking shit, skrimp ass nigga i swear.
by Thatboyturtlebug January 24, 2018
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To "Skrimp" is to save money. Skrimping is to spell the smallest of small ammounts, 'skrimping for every penny', usually when you're saving for something.
A) You coming out tonight bruv, it's my birthday!
B) Sorry blood, I'm skrimping.
A) Ah. :
by Russell Bishop February 27, 2007
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