when you don't have enough money to get into a club, so you wait for the club to let out to pick up girls.
yo son, lets go slay some broads at the let out! meet me at the club at 3:50!
by hood child October 12, 2009
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The times when you've left it to late, and you accedently shit yourself in the mad rush to get the toilet.
"oh no my unkle's just let out"
by 0-0-7 October 24, 2009
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The gathering of people outside directly after an event ends.

The event can be a cook out, a bbq, a club, a bar, church, a fashion show, etc...

Everyone just mulls around trying to find the next move, when really the next move is mulling around. Almost like the after party, outside of the venue.
The bar was so packed and everyone still so energetic that the let-out when it closed was more fun.
by SquarePeg August 2, 2011
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(n.)a pre-determined location - decided upon among friends - that signifies where to meet after an event has ended: a party, club, church, movie, date, work, etc., etc.
circa 1998, Talahassee, FL
"Cuz, You fitna hit tha moon?"
"Naw, but I'll be to the let-out!"

I was at the let-out when cuz got mopped last night.
by stillbroke April 2, 2009
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Another word for trap house or hang out spot
I'll meet you at the Let Out
by Free Gates April 26, 2017
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a term for releasing sexual tension or reaching an orgasm. Usually refering to a girl giving pleasure to herself

refering to the video YUKI - end of this shite
I downloaded this crazy hot porn of this girl letting out the gnomes
by One Sonic Bite August 11, 2004
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“Chicago let out” is when your friends or anyone practically push you out of the car quickly when they drop you off somewhere. The reference comes from when Chicago gangsters would open the car doors and without stopping push out dead bodies.
When mom drove me to the mall on her way to work, she gave me the- Chicago Let Out.

The ho was dissed when the john gave her the Chicago let out.
by Carmie424 February 13, 2022
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