To be pummeled by a large wave into the ground.
Dude that wave whomped you good!
I was whomped into last week!
by goldensurfer June 10, 2010
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To be either so high or drunk that you become something of another high,you become whomped. This is the holy grail of highs but will have you acting like a fuck head. You space out, you aren't the same person and you eat ALL the Doritos and start to have an urge to listen to Yung Lean's Hurt. You might aswell sit down because being whomped lasts for a while
You look fucking whomped, must've been some good shit
by SimonDowns March 7, 2014
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"whomp whomp whomp" usually follwed by "yeah yeah yeaaaah"and is the mating call of full time gay predator, part time make up artist and youtube vlogger James Charles.
Ethan: "can i get a whomp"
Zach: press the button and a whomp whomp whomp will play.
by Javsezlol April 10, 2021
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The sound effect made following an utterly disastrous attempt at humor.
Q.What do you call a guy with a bad case of jock-itch?
me. I don't really care
A. A fungi(guy)

ME. WHOMP WHOMP ......kill yourself.

Made Popular by the Infamous Josh Litt after his encounters will a Mr. Bill Roher
by jlitt May 9, 2008
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Super raunchy dub-step musicians, who often use the distorted "whomp" bass sound.
Datsik, Excision, DJ Crissy Cris
"Whomp-whomp, whom whom-whomp WIGGY-WIGGY-WIGGY-WIGGY"
by bramdib91 December 10, 2009
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Why did you even search this word, are u that Whomp Whomp that u have to look up what it means, Whompity Whomp:(
Person 1- My dad died yestaday :(
You- Whomp Whomp 👎 👎
by ThedrillGod October 4, 2023
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Whomp can either be used as a compliment or to turn people down. Another term for “PERIODT”

(Nyc bird slang)
Ex: your friend posts a cute picture
You can say “ WHOMP because you my sista looking cute or what ever”
Ex2: thirsty boy “ you trying to link”

Me “ ewww dusty get outta my face whomp.”
by Tiatoocute15 December 23, 2020
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