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To be pummeled by a large wave into the ground.
Dude that wave whomped you good!
I was whomped into last week!
by goldensurfer June 09, 2010
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To be either so high or drunk that you become something of another high,you become whomped. This is the holy grail of highs but will have you acting like a fuck head. You space out, you aren't the same person and you eat ALL the Doritos and start to have an urge to listen to Yung Lean's Hurt. You might aswell sit down because being whomped lasts for a while
You look fucking whomped, must've been some good shit
by SimonDowns March 07, 2014
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When three or more guys that are close friends get (make out) with the same girl.
"Yeah, shes whomped."

"Is'nt she whomped?"

"We need to whomp her"
by Greggolden456 September 11, 2006
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When a guy is effected by a girl ( in a positive or negative way) that has got them writing poem,crying, and speaking in french and other shit.
This can also go for a guy effecting a girl, a girl effecting a girl,or a guy effecting a guy.
this can be a result of breaking up,being in love,cheating,thinking about someone all the time or hoping for love.
worse when showing your whompedness on facebook..i.e. posting up love poems, or having sad or french statuses.
you writing a peom about her, man you whomped
you have been crying since she dumped you a week ago, you are whomped.
by ohfosho February 05, 2008
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