Short for "must have".
Eminem's WHITE AMERICA: "I musta struck a chord with somebody up in the office"
by Fangsta March 17, 2003
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Must have
We musta drank the whole bottle.
by 5eaux4 December 13, 2015
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This is a Swedish tradition. It is when you spit a person of your choice in their asshole and then put your finger in it and stir it around until the mixture get brown. Then you drink it all up again.
- Can I musta you?
-Of course you can my dear friend.
by Albincelion May 21, 2019
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from Kumusta (in Tagalog) and ¿Cómo estás? (in Spanish) which means “how are you?”
Hello! Musta? I hope you’re doing just fine!
by eblink March 6, 2016
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Annoying Guy A: Hey! Wanna do something together?!
Girl B: Ugh, you're such a musta!
by Dobah January 17, 2021
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Musta (Swedish): When you spit someone in the ass and proceed to work up a foam with your thumb or tounge and then suck it up.
Jake spent most on the night "Musta" Evelynn, the taste made him rock hard.
by Eighvor March 7, 2021
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