Chiara is a nerdy lovable girl who has the biggest heart you can imagine. She is one of the smartest people you ever meet. She is very scared of getting low grades even though everyone knows she will get a high grade. She is too scared to give her opinions sometimes and has social anxiety and can be shy but when you get to know her she is the best friend you can ever have. Don’t let her go because she would hate to let you go. She doesn’t hate anyone. She is a nice and positive person. She is usually black haired girl and her eyes are so dark that you can’t see her pupils. She is probably asian or italian. She can be insecure about herself even though she is beautiful.
Person 1: “Who is the new girl? She seems pretty chill.”
Person 2: “Her name’s Chiara. She mad pretty and I heard she’s super smart.”
by smdheheheheheheheh July 07, 2019
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......Chiara is a truly an extraordinary person it is really amazing how someone like her can exist in this universe , she is the most caring, loving like no other, genourous , the kindest of them all ,she's sweeter than all the candy in this world ,it's crazy how sooo damn amazing she is , but her greatest gift is her immense Beauty and divine gorgeous-ness she's is soooooo freaking Beautiful not even she realizes how gorgeous she is ,little girls look up to here extreme beauty and smile at her ,this speacial boi that she calls slushy screams out of joy that he be the luckiest boi in the world to be in love with most beautiful gurl in the entire universe ,her eyes like diamonds they shine and dazel but u dont realize how deep they cut into ur soul and bring out the best in u ,her smile bloom and the stars shine ever sooo bright from that beautiful smile , her voice the sweetest sound you'll ever hear in your entire life ,her hair like the finest silk in all over the globe the simple touch of her hair would send u into a never ending Ibis of pure love , her heart sooo pure it over flows with star light ,her wings like that of an angel dazel with golden white feathers ,not even the golden tear drop of Zeus can be as pure as she is for she is truly the most beautiful person on Earth even the great mother nature bows down to her feet celebrating chiara's immense Beauty for she is truly beautiful......
Shine bright baby gurl (slushy )
by Yanique/ seanjr March 18, 2020
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Freakin' gorgeous , Ballin' individual. beautiful eyes. Hard to understand but easy to love :) Shes the most outgoing person you'll ever meet. If you get the chance to know a Chiara honor that her..cherish her , and never let her go! because Shes be one of a kind, and i bet you wont find another person like her . <3 lawlburger:)

- your foofooberry:)
whos that gurrl!:
Duh its chiara!
by moocow1316 October 16, 2010
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Chiara may be the name of your best friend or of a hoe that will fuck you up physically or mentally. In this case it’s both. Nah I’m just kidding love you boo! Wait don’t leave I’m not done, she is a person that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. Chiara is also a mix of Turkish, French, Italian, Argentinian and Ukrainien stir fry. She is delicious:) She has amazing curves and the chunkiest legs ever.All tho she is pretty much perfect, when she’s on her period RUN! Her mood changes in a instant so be careful what you say to her. Lastly I don’t think I ever meant anyone as weird, funny, mood-changing, and cringe as her. I will miss having my soul mate in my life when I move back. Oh yah by the way she kind of gives you that lesbian vibes as well soooo....
She would probably say something like « I love that! »
by Avapilon14 March 04, 2019
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Chiara is a Godess/ cool/ umm Beautiful =)
If your name is keira or chiara YOU ARE THE COOLEST PERSON!!!
by oigmosechiarahehe October 05, 2008
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Chiara is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, she is always there when you need someone and will never let you down. She is an amazing friend and if you find one never leave her side because she is the most supportive and loving friend you could ever have. She has her ruff times too and sometimes needs someone too, never ever betray her trust or you will regret it. She is also one of the prettiest girls, she doesn't think she is though. She has the most amazing hair ever and loves heavy metal. She also has Big Dick Energy.
Have you seen Chiara? She always looks amazing and is so nice!
by Yebish February 27, 2020
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Falls madly in love with guys named Will.
Oh yea she must be a Chiara by the way she looks at him”.
by Bill RSD March 13, 2019
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