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Freakin' gorgeous , Ballin' individual. beautiful eyes. Hard to understand but easy to love :) Shes the most outgoing person you'll ever meet. If you get the chance to know a Chiara honor that her..cherish her , and never let her go! because Shes be one of a kind, and i bet you wont find another person like her . <3 lawlburger:)

- your foofooberry:)
whos that gurrl!:
Duh its chiara!
by moocow1316 October 16, 2010
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an E X T R E M L Y sexy girl who every guy wants to be with.
she is nice and funny and everyone hates perry
oh dude thats perrys old girlfriend, chiara, shes hottt
by MADISON[[maddi]] August 25, 2008
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She can come across shy and reserved, but once you get closer, you'll find out about her wacky sense of humour and one-of-a-kind personality. She is a extremely gorgeous, and though it seems "beauty" isn't something she particularly cares about, she can still feel a little insecure from time to time. Her most notable feature is her beautiful eyes. She is passionate about her hobbies, and will fight for her loved ones if she needs too. Chiara is basically the QUEEN of burns and comebacks, and is a force to be reckoned with when mad. She also has great taste in memes and music!
"Chiara is so funny! Her jokes are really hilarious, and she had me giggling all through Geography!"
by Shrektasticlife October 28, 2017
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A lovely girl. More than likely a hipster, though she will more often than not deny it.
"Do you know Chiara?"
"Yeah, she's the hipster, right?"
by Tdelle145 October 09, 2014
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A lazy, snarky, sloppy drunk girl that doesn't pull her weight. The worst to have in group projects.
Otherwise known as the cute dumb blonde
John totally didn't help with the group project. He is such a Chiara !!
by Cigarette John March 29, 2017
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