71 definition by William

A bitch mudda who is a fukka!
Hey mudda fukka wanna fuk me mudda fukka.
by William June 04, 2004

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An expression most commonly used when you get confused.
What the fuck is happening are you guys doing in my bed?
by William June 05, 2004

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The act of removing a natural, normal body part, that most Americans think is a birth defect that every man just "happens to have"
That boy has some mysterious growth around the head of his penis, just like every other boy in the world! He should get a circumcision
by William May 07, 2003

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A person who stalks a bills50000 on the internet because he is jealous he didn't get anywhere near Mandy Moore. A playa hatah.
Oh look! There goes JAf' again, hating on bills50000!
by William August 16, 2003

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1When someone farts in a popcorn poppin fashion

2 also can be used as insult
1"poppity pop pop"
2 "you fuckign popcornfart"
by William August 24, 2004

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A word robbie uses to get pigmys off his top hat. He runs wild in africa.
"Get those pigmys of my tophat"
by William March 31, 2004

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An irish teacher who lies and likes to fuck over his students
Mr. Cole is a fuckin leperchaun
by William February 03, 2005

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