An Auxiliary Question is a question that is going to force the other person to answer a different question, a question you haven't asked. A sneaky question.
Using an Auxiliary Question instead of asking a girl "Do you have a boyfriend?" you ask "Does your boyfriend likes football?" that would force her to say whether she has a boyfriend or not.
by a66spam September 23, 2015
Noun: An extra piece of food that you cook with no intention of consumption for the current meal, but with knowledge of the fact that you will be hungry again shortly after. (Also applicable to intentionally ordering extra food at a restaurant in order to fulfill the same purpose)
Jack: Why are you cooking four hamburgers for dinner John? I told you that Kim couldn't come and it would just be the three of us for dinner!

John: Dude relax, I'm just making some auxiliary food! You know I'm gonna be hungry again later.
by 315Mitch September 27, 2009
A secondary taint which is located between the anus and tail (or tailbone).
"Holy crap! Jacob just tried to lick that cat's butthole but he missed and licked it's auxiliary taint instead! Brutal!"
by Rufus Spivens August 13, 2012
A group of ugly women based in Valley Cottage Ny. Best know for their gossip and hatred toward others of different believes .The only real requirement for membership is to be ugly on the inside . They also are taking men as members now.
VCULA ugly ladies auxiliary
by Vchater December 9, 2013
when something is too auxiliary
gabby: shes lowky giving auxiliary down
by meowmeowbark May 30, 2022
Auxiliary light is on.

During the Russo-Ukrainian War the saying "Auxilliary light is on" came to mean: "you're all about to die." In 2022 drones purchased at toy stores killed or wounded groups of Russian soldiers after being armed using the auxiliary light button on the controller.
We're in position...grenade away. Lads, the auxiliary light is on.
by yhjuyjsx October 13, 2022