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Meaning 'Black' in Spanish
Name: Don Jose, Height: five-six, Hair color: Negro
by Yonsen September 12, 2005
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Not a racial slur. Just spanish for black.
You can check a crayon and you'll see.
Spanish guy:hola individuo negro.
African guy:What'd you call me?!
Spanish guy:It's spanish for black.
African guy:oh.
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Back in the 1700's and 1800's when a slave master wanted to summon his slave.
by T-Unit Repp'in 813 February 15, 2005
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A non-derogative term used to describe peoples of an African culture. Although of benign nature, people tend to regard it as an insult as it has been implied as such in earlier times.
1. Child: "One of my best friends is a negro"
Parent: "Well isn't that swell"
2. Secretary: "Who shall I send into your office?"
Employer: "Will you send the negro in please?"
Black Man: "What did you call me?!"
Employer: "A negro. That was to differentiate between you and the white gentleman beside you."
Black Man: "Oh ok."
by Cesco October 01, 2006
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this is the way we Latinos and caribenos call a color person you can call a south, central American and even Cubans,Dominicans,Puerto Ricans Negro those that are of dark skin color, they don't see this as an insult, is a friendly way of how we Los Latinos call someone of color that you may know, or even if you don't know him, that just may be the way people know this particular person as, but not necessary as something you would tell someone of color to insult him, put him down,mistreat,much less to be use as a racial derogatory word
hepa my negro como esta todo ´´translation´´what's up blak how is everything
by corvette052 August 11, 2007
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A proven myth. Everybody knows negroes don't exist, they died out a long time ago
When we took Jimmy to go see the negroes there weren't any left
by Homoriffic December 10, 2006
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