71 definition by William

the wimpy way of saying asshole
I'm in kindergarden "you ahole".
by William June 14, 2004

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1. Kodama
2. Causing wonder or astonishment.
Kodama is marvelous.
by William April 24, 2004

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New Zealand: Common insult. Fairly self-explanatory
Look at dickfeatures over there. He thinks he's cool.
by william March 24, 2005

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Where homosexual congregate usually a bar or club
Hey mate, is this afucking puff parlour
by william December 29, 2003

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A degrotory term for omone who acts, dresses or speaks like someone from Hong Kong usually someone who is tight fisted, money grabbing or rude and is oriental
wearing yellow north face coat
by william December 26, 2003

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to blunder about idiotically

one who troages is the opposite of a whank
dave troages greatly
by William December 08, 2003

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rip off of kazza you pay 20 bucks for no spyware, while kazza-lite is cheaper or free.
I bought that damn ishare it, and its the same thing as kazza lite.
by william July 13, 2003

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