A military branch of the United States government. It sometimes seems like a good decision to enlist but once you do you wish you would have stayed home.
Joining The U.S. Army was a mistake.
by m13terf13ter January 06, 2011
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The largest and oldest branch of the US Military. Solely responsible for winning the revolutionary war and winning the freedom of the US of A. Has taken more casualties then all other branches of the US military COMBINED!!!!!including the fucking marines (small caps used on purpose). In fact, for every marine who has ever died for his country, 16- count them six motherfucking teen) US Army Soldiers have died defending this country. of the top 20 battles fought to determine whether or not this country would exist, every one was fought and won by the the US Army. That is why it is 1st in order of precedence when the

branch of the military are shown (i.e,... Branch flags). JSYK!!!!
Thank the good Lord almighty that the "U.S. Army" was here to save us weak ass marines.
by yummybeans July 12, 2014
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The most elite mobile ground combat force in the world.
by JJboo February 15, 2009
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Specially trained military soldiers for the United States.

Synonym: Wrath of God
Person 1: I served with the U.S. Army Rangers.
Person 2: Damn...nuf said.
by Sumocolt768 October 19, 2013
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"Kill All That You Can Kill"
"Shower With Men"
"Knock Up Foreign Broads"
"All The Grits You Can Eat"
"Be A Flame Thrower, Not A Flame Broiler"
"Purple Hearts = Free Beers At Hooters"
"Whimsical And Human, Just Like M*A*S*H"
"Cubicles Are For Wusses"
"Napalm Means Serious BBQ"
"Over 1,000,000 Sheared, Beaten, And Worked Into A Sub-Human Fury!"
"Totally Beefcake and Proud of It"
"Beat Up Sailors"
"We Won't Screw Your Mind Up As Bad As The Marines Will"
"Kicking Nazi Tail Since 1942"
"Don''t Ask, Don''t Tell, Don''t Accessorize"
“Risk Your Life for Freedoms No One Appreciates!"
"Play Doom… For Real!"
"Sure Beats Learnin'!"
"Because Terminators Are Real"
Because Terminators are real
by Tommy Vercetti May 21, 2004
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