71 definition by William

the sun the sky
is in
has been
being 'accusative'

having been
ra m pt
insert Gardiner code here
by William January 19, 2004

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1. Kodama
2. To stun; to render senseless
Kodama is astonishing.
by William April 24, 2004

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chocolate pankaces to eat for breakfast
want to eat dis dick for breakfast
by william March 25, 2004

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A Football/Soccer team from the east end of Glasgow who's fans openly support and fund raise for the child killers and bomb throwing terrorists that are the I.R.A
common songs sung at carparkhead include the delightful ditty that goes "We are the P.I, We are the P.I, We are the P.I.R.A"
by William February 28, 2005

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To get beat down, or to beat someone or something down. Humiliation or Complete domination. See also Owned or Beasted.
He just got royally beasted... looks like it had to hurt.
by William March 24, 2005

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Alien creature that resembles a lamprey. It developes inside a human host until it bursts out of their ass.
"Boy did that shit weasel burst out of my ass. I sure am dead now."
by William March 29, 2003

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internet porn
' My wife caught me looking at a tusty site'
by William October 12, 2003

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