71 definition by William

cause something not to be inferior any longer
the apes were deinferiorized and took over the world
by William January 03, 2005

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1. Kodama
2. Of the nature of a miracle; preternatural.
Kodama is miraculous.
by William April 24, 2004

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when a guy takes a pair of suspenders and straps then to the front of his pants and lets them hang down
hey guys look at my floppy dang
thats nice gasell
by William March 27, 2004

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ePod from Gameranger.
A fairly new Premium from gameranger.
Although he may seem new, he is fromaly known as GRer II, a five digit user.
He seems quit nooby, although he is just trying to be accepted by the other Premiums.
He will happely exept any ladder game in AoE II, UT 2003/4/ and the origonal UT, as well as Ghost Recon.
ePod IS cool. Just give him a chance.
His only real problems are with Ixorus, and bmr|kami.
by William December 12, 2004

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Sub-culture that takes it name from a pacifist framer tribe, that was enslaved by Roman for a long time until they got feed up and conquered Rome.
Goths are cool dude.
by William November 25, 2004

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The Snooper Snoop Dogg aka the coolest rapper a snooper doggy dogg hero saving da day while rapping.
Here comes Snooper Dogg da rapper who will save us.
by William June 13, 2004

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poune is slang for crack
"Do you got any poune"
by William November 07, 2004

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