The community of Coryxkenshin. Samurai are the greatest community on YouTube
Coryxkenshin: “Samurai Army stand up, slice that like button!!”
by H0ldenlol December 5, 2022
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Japanese warrior-aristocrats of medieval and early modern times.
Miyamoto Musashi and Saigo Takamori were great samurai.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ June 20, 2011
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Feudal Japanese warriors, who followed Bushido, or the Way of the Warrior. Highly honorable fighters, they were skilled warriors and were fiercly loyal to their lords (Daimyo)
If shamed or ordered to, would commit seppuku.
by Maness October 31, 2003
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Samurai facts:

-Samurai's can outrun there shadow
-Samurai's penetrate bullets
-Samurai's can stop a train at 200 mph by poking it
-Samurai's don't sleep, they plan the next move
-Samurai's fart can enhance human beings, too bad they don't fart in society
-Samurai's can kill a human being with a blade of grass
-Samurai's eat Gold and drink Mercury
-Samurai's can catch a moving bullet with their teeth
-Samurai's only use there Katanas if there life is in danger, too bad it never happens
-Samurai's tears seal wounds
-Samurai's daily exercise includes finger stands, push ups using your nose, and stopping shurikens with two fingers
-Samurai's never stops moving
-Samurai's bench the empire state building
-Samurai's march creates earth quakes
-Samurai's war cry creates thunder and lightning
-If someone saw a Samurai's face, their eyes would burn out, and their skin would melt
-One Samurai = 200 Ninjas
-Samurai's are better than ninjas
Guy 1 - Dude, You see Takemoto over there?
Guy 2 - Yea he's a Samurai
by Thad Badassle April 16, 2011
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The best warriors ever. As for the whole ninja kicking there asses thing. That can be said about almost anyone I mean ninjas use sneaky instink kills. However if a ninja and samurai fought face to face then the samurai would easily wipe the floor with those sneaky bastards.
by sir December 11, 2003
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You have your ninjas and pirates, but now there's Samurai! Pirates may be able to use guns, and ninjas can hide wherever they want to, but samurai can cut the world in two if they wanted to. Samurai are cutting maniacs, slicing at everything. Samurai can beat a ninja and a pirate with a butter knife while on the seven seas during a fog. The samurai is going to be the reason for the extinction of the pirates and ninjas.
Guy 1: Hey, what happened to all the ninja here?
Guy 2: A samurai walked into the room a couple of seconds ago.
Guy 1: What about the pirate ship outside the window?
Guy 2: The same samurai cut it to pieces to make wood to burn the bodies of the ninja.
by Poison Down The Drain December 27, 2006
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noun, abrupt departure from a bar, party, or other social gathering without warning, or with an implied very brief absence and prompt return.

verb, to suddenly leave a bar, party, or other social gathering without warning, and frequently under the guise of implied brief absence and prompt return.
1.) One minute he's telling me how he ended up spending the night at his boss's place, then he pulls a samurai and takes off before he finishes the story!

2.) Pete told me he was going to have a cigarette, then he samuraied home at 11 p.m.!
by word_nerd September 2, 2009
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