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A girl with a messed up lookin horse face and a huge butt (buterface)
people think she's hot cuz they never seen a light skinned woman with a black girls butt before (it's something new and exotic at the moment). I'd do her, but I'd take JLO or Pam Anderson over her anyday... Word is she has dated Usher in the past.
Josh:dude, it's Vida!

James:ya but she only goes for brothas & latinos, so youre outta luck
by William April 5, 2005
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rip off of kazza you pay 20 bucks for no spyware, while kazza-lite is cheaper or free.
I bought that damn ishare it, and its the same thing as kazza lite.
by William July 14, 2003
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Anything and Everything. Say it as ANY form of speech.
by William January 11, 2004
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A term often used to display the condition or feeling of being displeased or unsatisfied.
Person 1: "Did you just see what that ugly girl Laura was wearing?
Person 2: "Yeah dude, what is up with that? Thats hella bootse."
by William October 9, 2004
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Marianna is a totally hot babe! she really lights my fire. see sexy, booty, legs,
wow you are almost as hot as marianna.
by William February 3, 2005
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A Football/Soccer team from the east end of Glasgow who's fans openly support and fund raise for the child killers and bomb throwing terrorists that are the I.R.A
common songs sung at carparkhead include the delightful ditty that goes "We are the P.I, We are the P.I, We are the P.I.R.A"
by William February 28, 2005
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