is a persone who is always calm, sociable, has great sense in music, doesnt have any problems whatsoever and is a persone to talk to when you a problem or (almost every time he has the solution)this guy is so confedent that he really doesnt mind being bothered.
matt: that alan is really a cool dude he told me what to do to get that hot chick
sean: dude no way, your f***ing headius
matt: i know, what can i tell youm
matt: only that he is a cool dude!
by none85 April 25, 2005
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When a camel's penis is frozen, it is known as a cool dude
by very_unoriginal December 14, 2010
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An expression used to show a lack of interest in someone's comment or opinion. Used in a sarcastic sense to emphasize that you don't care.
"I lost my virginity today!"

"Cool dude"

by cooldude111 January 23, 2011
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The exact opposite of cool. It's NOT cool. Usually said by sarcastic individuals while plotting revenge on whoever has said, thought or done something out of line, rude, disrespectful or just plain fucked up.

***WARNING: If you are the one hearing "It's cool, dude" be careful for at least the next few days if not years!!
Idiot: "Homie, I'm so sorry I talked all that trash to all of your friends and co-workers at that party last night. I was shitty drunk. Hope you still have your job Monday morning!"

Plotting person is deep in thought then replies with a sinister look on their face, "It's cool, dude. It's cool."
by Kim Danger Possible June 14, 2006
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'Cool dude' is a term used to define someone (in other words, a 'dude'), who possesses 'cool' personal qualities.
The term 'cool dude' can be used in the 1st person, about oneself, or used to describe another 'cool dude'.
'Yo I'm a cool dude'
'That guy's called Chris, no way is he a cool dude!'
by Charlotteyaaaaa January 10, 2009
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Something you say to your someone when they tell you something that could be interesting but you feel like being a sarcastic dick. Make sure you let that cool really ring out like this: cooooooooool. ussually followed up by a quick comment about something better you have done.
James: Matt i got my license!!

Matt: Cool dude i got mine three fucking years ago.

James: You're a dick

Matt: Atleast i've had my license for three years
by James Meyerhoff January 22, 2009
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