aka HQ
1. A central place for a group or organization.
2. Slang for PC Shop where people play World of Warcraft, Dota and other gay ass games.
William-Yo you guys wanna kick it at headquarters or what?
Vinny-You mean pc shop to play WoW or what?
by Nacirfa May 5, 2007
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A: Where are you off to in such a hurry?
B: Headquarters
A: Aaah.
by lotuspanda March 13, 2009
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Headquarters is the part where the bottom of your penis meets your ball sack.
Dude, I have the worst itch right where the base of my dick meets my sack." - "You mean at base camp?" - "No, I mean at headquarters.
by mista jefferson December 5, 2010
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Used to describe a friend or siblings calling or checking in with their spouse or signifigant. This term can be used jokingly amongst friends when said friend must initiate contact with their S.O. or spouse.
"Hey Joey, I just got a call from Frank, he wants us to meet him over at the pool hall, they just scored a table man!"

"Aw man, I dunno if I can make it, lemme call my wife and let her know I might be a bit late getting home."

:::whispering & chuckling amongst his friends::::

Ahahhaha, dude has to report to Headquarters!


"Hey Amanda, where you at? Come meet us out for a drink!"
"Girl I would but it's kinda late..."
"Lemme guess, you gotta check with headquarters. Well... lemme know either way."
"Hahaha, very funny."
by HauteM August 22, 2009
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Where the G's can chill in peace , and not worry about bitches sweating them.
"Lets go headquarters tonight" , "aight we gotta play the game tonight"
by Headquarters G September 23, 2007
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Party Central. Where everyone hangs out and everything happens. If you want to get crazy but aren't sure where to go, come to headquarters.
Yo, come to Headquarters.. Its Milky White Binger Time!!
by TZ November 15, 2006
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1) A male or female with a massive head and a little body.
2) A person that is shaped like Pumpkin Head.
That dude at the bar with the Headquarters, looks like Pumkin Head's long lost brother.
by bigdawg7680 April 24, 2009
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