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defined ambiguously as "any good thing," it is a word made for random overuse.
You're an orange.
by Vertigo December 4, 2002
n. (FO'-gram-mir) Someone who pretends to be a progammer, like someone who designs in HTML. Has no idea of flow control, object oriented programming, and doesn't understand when people call him a noob. Might have modified the permissions on a file once.
Yeah, MJ was such a fauxgrammer he drew a series of boxes, made a shitty flowchart, and called it an algorithm and had his intern actually write the code.
by Vertigo February 22, 2006
When a girl looks really hott in a manner that can only be attained by being unhealthily underweight.
Man, Mary Kate is sooooo anorexalicious. Not like that tubby Ashley
by Vertigo December 29, 2005
What you feel when trashed/hungover.
I drank all that Jungle Juice and all I got was a night with Lady Vertigo.
by Vertigo January 9, 2004
verb: the nicer cousin of "bash" and "pummel", it means to smack someone over the head with a gigantic wet noodle
If you don't shut up I'll blorg you to death!
by Vertigo January 10, 2004
Originally used by anime-loving internet addicts, this face can express happiness and laughter, but is also frequently used when being flirtatious.
Net Girl: I gotta go. I'm gonna take a shower.
Net Guy: Mind if I join ya? XD
by Vertigo January 12, 2004
A common misspelling of mook, or in reference to the proper name, Moock. All Moocks, strangely enough, are mooks. Basically an idiot.

see mook

That Colin can't get his head out of his own ass. What a moock.
by Vertigo December 29, 2005