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Pizowned: (v) 1. To be beaten to the worst degree possible
2. To spill pizza on oneself
Is that pizza sauce on your shirt? Cuz you just got PIZOWNED!
by Vertigo May 24, 2004
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mood as given by the association with a color...for example, yellow = happy, blue = sad or emotional, red = angry or passionate.
What color are you today?
by Vertigo September 3, 2002
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bell-shaped candy composed mainly of sugar

can also mean cute girl
That girl Becky is sure one sweet gumdrop.
by Vertigo January 9, 2004
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(noun) The act of having gay sex on a couch, or while couch surfing. Alternatively many believe this is derived from having gay sex on an ottoman, as that would facilitate the act.
After meeting at a bar, Adam and Steve headed back to home and enjoyed the first of many rough turkish holidays.
by Vertigo November 11, 2006
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A phrase equivalent to "spiffy" or "neat." It is best used as a sentence by itself or with "yo" immediately following.
by Vertigo September 3, 2002
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That computer science guy with the horn-rimmed glasses and porn fetish sure is quarky.
by Vertigo January 15, 2003
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completely 1337
That new server design was so freakin' spomerific.
by Vertigo January 9, 2004
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