Some refer to as "Colin" but most people call him the Protector of the universe. Legends have it that he could beat the great Zeus in a arm wrestle without even breaking a sweat. He is the one who banished the Titans, and some even say his best friends are Jesus Christ, and Chuck Norris. If you run into this man thank him for banishing evil demons from this planet and vanquishing all evil from your land. He is one man you don't want to mess with.
"Oh shit, I slept with Colin's women"
" Your S.O.L."
by Battery00 January 05, 2012
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The ruler on the USA and the smartest person alive. He also defeated Donald Trump.
Dang it Colin, he is the one that defeated Donald Trump.
by Thanos231 December 29, 2018
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Colin, loves like no other laughs like no other . The best type of love anyone could ask for. Protective and once he's made his mind up he's all in and nothings stopping him. Has a voice that can makes me melt. blue eyes i fall asleep to a smile that i run to when i feel alone. Has a way of making you feel like you dont have to worry because as long as your with him everything will be okay. Makes me feel alive. A blessing from God a Guardian angel . Colin's really good with his hands after all he's a drummer. Follows his dreams and never dreams small. loves being called baby cakes and is very needy for affection from his lover, has his flaws which can only make you love him more. Has his morals and doesnt settle for less. Gets along great with everyone and all my single friends are jealous . he beautiful he's perfect. Dont ever let go of a colin if you have a colin like this one.
girl: i want a guy like colin... im so jealous :/
by babygirl21 March 22, 2011
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Colin is known for committing mass genocide. He has committed hundreds of war crimes and violated thousands of people’s basic human rights. Colin has hundreds of slaves he calls “unpaid workers” and he has killed thousands of orphans in an industrial meat grinder, which he calls the “Child Chopper”. Colin is wanted for crimes against humanity in 107 countries. If you see him, call your local authorities.
Person 1: “Have you heard about that guy Colin?”
Person 2: “Yeah, I can’t believe a person would actually do those kinds of things.”
by Okaythisisebic May 15, 2019
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Literally the greatest guy you will ever meet. If you get a chance to be with him keep him.
Person: you see that guy?
Person #2: yeah who is that?
Person #3: that has to be Colin.
by Jeff_The_Killer❤ April 18, 2017
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A sweet amazing guy with dark hair and gorgeous eyes he is so cute/hot but will sadly deny it he means everything plus some to this girl and holds the key to her heart hes an all around nice caring funny loveable amazing guy anyone would be absolutely lucky to have hes easy to fall in love with and hates when his friends and family are sad or upset also colins are usually awesome drummers and love to play video games
by 666yo June 15, 2011
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Pronunciation: kɔlIn

A nice guy who possesses great musical abilities and the ability to play multiple instruments, and sing so well that all nearby ladies hyperventilate. He is insanely smart and is knowledgeable on many topics. All women have a powerful physical attraction to him.
That guy is so talented he's almost a Colin!
by Aragorn's shadow March 21, 2010
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