A person not corrupted by a "tug-of-war" ideology seen in partisan voter life. Someone who understands propaganda and how it is used in politics. Thus, they are not suckered into a side due to incorrect facts; shown only to sway the people who are too lazy to look things up themselves.

While most partisan fools will say independents are too "scared to pick a side", in reality, partisan voters are the ones too "scared" to stand up for what they truly believe. Instead of standing up for their own beliefs, like an independent, partisan voters allow themselves to be fed bullshit facts over the radio/T.V. by self proclaimed experts Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Ed Shultz, who's only goal is to make everyone think in the exact same way.

Independents think for themselves and understand that parties will only tear the country in half over their idiotic squabbling as George Washington himself predicted.
1. "Actually, if you do some research for yourself, you will see that n either radio host knows what they are talking about."

2."Well, I don't agree with everything the Democrats say, and I don't agree with everything the Republicans say; so I am my own independently thinking person."

3."Stupid independent.. having his own ideas when he should believe exactly what i do."
by yuskjr May 22, 2009
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Having no political affiliation; not a member of an organized political party.
I'm not a democrat, I'm not a republican. I'm an Independent.
by progamer124 July 11, 2003
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One who does not commit him/herself all the way to one side of the political fence. One who actually reasons things out for themselves instead of hopping on the bandwagon and listening to what everybody else says.
Guy 1: Are you a republican or a democrat?
Guy 2: Neither, I'm an independent.
Guy 1: So you're just too indecisive to take a side.
Guy 2: No, I just have my own opinions on politics. I don't vote for a person just because of their political party; I actually learn about the candidates and vote for who I think would best benefit the country as a whole.
Guy 1: Oh.
by Dr. Seuss, PhD July 22, 2011
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A person who declares a resistance to the self perpetuated fascism and ignorance of the two-party system (Republicans/Democrats) by voting for people/organizations that not only align themselves more closely with an individual's beliefs, but produce unbiased and non-partisan results.
"You're for the decentralization of the federal government too? Vote independent!"


"Homemade waffles are delicious!"
by scuba steve123 August 12, 2006
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Free. Not bound by something.
Typically used in politics to describe (a)a nation or group of people that is no longer opressed or colonized, or (b) a nation that was formed by breaking up from another country.
After the great war, the continent was split into twelve independent states.
by AYB April 23, 2003
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