ask someone 5 questions then they have to answer truthfully and then they ask you 5 questions.
jimmy says tommy wanna play new game? tommy says yes. jimmy,"have you ever had sex, have you ever gotten drunk, who was the last person you made out with, how often do u masterbate, have you ever cheated on somebody? then tommy would answer truthfully "nope,never made out, wats masterbate mean, first i need a girlfriend." wow tommys a loser!
by f3d0r4 June 19, 2008
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Like "the game" only when you think of old people having sex
by NewGame December 24, 2011
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when you purchase a new game and rip open the plastic open the case and take a whiff of that lovely new game smell! Possibly a human reaction like dogs sniffing stinky holes. The orgin of this action is unknown but is a closet action of many gamers. Even Ice-T does it. Look for gears of war 3 unboxing ice t on youtube!
ME: I cant wait for gears of war 3 to hit the streets!

YOU: Its already out you noob!

ME: Im going to pick it up and enjoy the new game smell!

YOU: new game smell?
by Cybercast September 28, 2011
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Wii- a system that has good games, not good graphics,Cheap
PS3-2x better graphics card than Wii, good sound, top of the line graphics, good games,Expensive
360-Mix of graphics and good games,good price

Any one of the 3 is good, the whole thing about the Wii vs PS3 thing is bull, both have ups and downs.Games have a big part to do with it,Hits and Series are big Ex: PS3 most FF games are big hits while 360 has Halo3, and Wii has Zelda, all are good, i like PS3 Personally but w/e
Dino-I got PS3!!!

Jeff-pfft the thing sucks get the Wii...wheres the tv remote?

Phil-New Game systems are all the same get EM ALL!!!!!
by Mr.Nine November 8, 2006
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New School Gaming is a style of play for TTRPGs that seeks to emulate video game play. It has a focus on railroaded play where player decisions do not affect the outcome of the game. Instead of having a risk of death for the characters, the game is dumbed down and made easier so that winning is assured and nothing difficult is encountered. Use of your imagination is discouraged and skills related to being able to think outside the box are not needed.
New School Gaming is all about all round pegs for all round holes, total uniformity and nothing unique.
by Dragonsfoot Member Since 2002 November 17, 2019
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a side boob tap. Good game is the act of slapping the ass of the member of the same sex. The New Good Game is a gentle touch of the side boob and can be applied to either sex. More or less it is a legit excuse to touch a chick's boob.
My buddy and I just beat these 2 girls at beer pong, but rather than slapping their ass in attempt to congratulate them for a good effort, and for a quick thrill, we went for gold and gave them the New Good Game.
by upom January 8, 2011
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A drinking game that can be played almost any time of day.

This is the "minority" version.
While watching an opinion program such as "Glenn Beck" or "Huckabee" watch for shots of the audience. If you see a Mexican you do 5 shots. An African American: 4, and Indian 3,an Asian 2, and 1 for anybody in between (non-white). You will most likely be able to drive home afterward.

This is the "constitution" version.
While watching "Glenn Beck" listen for any vague references to the constitution. Also listen for random buzz words such as "liberty" or "founding fathers". Take shots accordingly.

This is the "propaganda" version.
While watching any Fox News at any time, watch for Nazi or Soviet propaganda take shots accordingly.
We got wasted playing the "Fox News Drinking Game"
by ADMIRAL Obvious June 13, 2010
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